Liz Warren says Elon Musk should have wealth confiscated, calls for new tech ‘rules’ after Twitter takeover

Elon Musk’s challenge to the Democratic party’s Big Tech monopoly has sent the woke oligarchy into a frenzy of rage. Look no further than Elizabeth Warren (D-Ma.).

A stooge for the oligarchy if there ever was one, Warren is calling for Musk’s wealth to be confiscated — and for new “rules” to preserve the left’s control after his acquisition of Twitter.

Warren issues threat to Elon Musk

Biden regime shill Ari Melber teed up Warren’s tirade with a nice softball, asking, “You have warned about the growing power of Big Tech. What do you see in Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter?”

Strangely, Warren suggested that Musk’s purchase of Twitter is somehow unauthorized by — who, exactly? Well, it doesn’t matter. Musk is very, very naughty, and he must be punished.

Warren, who herself is a millionaire despite her scapegoating of wealthy Americans, said that Musk’s takeover demonstrates the need for a “wealth tax,” as well as “rules of the road” to regulate the internet.

Appearing to engage in classic projection, Warren said that Musk has obtained a “stranglehold” on tech that is dangerous to “democracy,” and which necessitates urgent reform. She painted a cartoonish picture of the status quo, pitting “democracy” against Musk making “all of the rules” in a “dark room.”

“Rules of the road could help facilitate that kind of competition and frankly, break the stranglehold of someone like Elon Musk coming in and owning the whole thing.”

“Who’s going to have the power?”

Ahhh. See what’s happening here? It’s just classic Democratic hypocrisy: when the balance of power changes, the rules of the game have to change, too.

Just a moment ago, Democrats were Big Tech libertarians. When conservatives complained about censorship, the left said, “build your own Twitter. It’s a private company.” But now that Democrats are losing control of Twitter, we need “rules.”

Democrats know exactly what’s at stake here. It’s why the Biden administration is setting up its own Ministry of Truth. Ari Melber gets it: in a hilarious, unintentionally ironic rant, the well-behaved lapdog warned that — wait for it– partisans could use Twitter to manipulate elections. You don’t say…

The Democrats know, deep down, that without their “stranglehold” — to quote Liz Warren — on social media, their sham occupation of a free republic cannot last.

Coming ever so close to saying the quiet part out loud, Warren said, “ultimately, what all of this boils down to is power. Who’s going to have the power in our country?” Indeed, who? Will it be the American people, or the preening, woke, authoritarians like Elizabeth Warren?

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