Lone heckler causes Obama to lose control of Michigan campaign rally

Barack Obama was humiliated while campaigning for Democrats in Michigan after a lone heckler caused the former president to lose control over his spellbound audience.

It’s unclear what the man said, but Obama used the incident as an opportunity to hold forth on the loss of civility in American politics, something Obama apparently thinks his party had no role in causing.

Obama heckled

The former president was campaigning for Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer (D), who is in danger of losing re-election as Republican momentum builds ahead of the midterm elections.

“Sir, come on,” Obama said. “This is what I mean. This is what I mean. I mean, we’re having a conversation,” he added, as his supporters began chanting “Obama.”

The disingenuous finger-wagging went on as Obama — an advocate of social media censorship who enjoys a massive platform as a certified member of the liberal elite — told the heckler he would have a chance to speak some other time.

“Right now, I’m talking. You’ll have a chance to talk sometime soon. We don’t have to interrupt each other. We don’t have to shout each other down, that’s not a good way to do business. You wouldn’t do that in a workplace. You wouldn’t just interrupt people in the middle of a conversation. It’s not how we do things.”

Pot, meet kettle

As the heckler was escorted out, Obama appeared discomposed as he struggled to calm his supporters, calling the incident an example of how the right can “distract” liberals.

“Hold up! Hold up! Hold on a minute!” Obama shouted. “Listen everybody. Hey. Ya’ll up there, pay attention,” he scolded.

Elsewhere in his speech, Obama didn’t hesitate to blame conservatives for the hammer attack on Paul Pelosi, although much about the event remains unclear.

The former president condemned those who use conspiracy theories to “demonize” political opponents — apparently forgetting this summer’s assassination attempt on Brett Kavanaugh and the Russian collusion conspiracy, which Democrats used to justify treating President Trump as an illegitimate figure.

“If our rhetoric about each other gets that mean, when we don’t just disagree with people but we start demonizing, making wild, crazy allegations about them, that creates a dangerous climate,” he said.