North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson refuses calls to resign over controversial LGBT ‘filth’ remark

A Republican leader in North Carolina is staring down calls to resign after he took a bold stand against the twisted ideologies being taught to public school students about sexuality and race, the Washington Examiner reports.

Lt. governor and conservative firebrand Mark Robinson (R) likened homosexuality and transgenderism to “filth” that should be kept away from kids, sparking outrage on the left. But Robinson isn’t backing down, and he says he stands by his remarks.

The controversy

Robinson actually made the comments in June at a church, but they resurfaced after a leftist group recently circulated them.

The Republican boldly denounced critical race theory, a doctrine seen by many on the right as racist and anti-American, and the alleged “filth” that encourages children to question their gender, calling the radical dogmas “flat out child abuse.”

“There’s no reason anybody, anywhere in America should be telling children about transgenderism, homosexuality, any of that filth,” Robinson said. “And yes, I called it filth.”

He added: “It’s time for us to stop letting these children be abused at these schools. And it’s not gonna happen until the people of God stand up and demand different.”

Of course, the woke ideologues on the left sprang into action to cancel Robinson. The sickos in the Biden administration, which, as USA Today reported, fully supports minors getting sexual reassignment surgery, called Robinson’s remarks “repugnant,” and called on him to resign.

Not giving in

But Robinson’s not giving in to the mob. “Absolutely not,” he said when asked if he regrets his statement, saying LGBT topics have “no place” in the classroom.

Robinson’s views are consistent with Christian teaching and tradition, but they definitely aren’t fashionable, as attitudes on LGBT issues have relaxed dramatically in recent years, especially after the Supreme Court unilaterally made gay marriage the law of the land in 2015.

Since then, the left’s agendas on sexuality have continued to grow more extreme, disturbed, intolerant, and pervasive, with a particular focus on pushing it on kids in public school, and even in children’s cartoons like Blue’s Clues, leaving American culture virtually unrecognizable from even a decade ago.

This depraved agenda also has the backing of many major corporations and the Biden administration, which recently threatened to send the Justice Department after parents who dare to dissent, as the New York Post reported. In such troubling times, Robinson’s moral courage is worthy of praise.

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