Luke Bryan slammed on Twitter for bringing DeSantis out on stage

Liberals on Twitter will take any excuse to melt down these days, it seems. On Friday, it was Luke Bryan’s turn to anger liberals when he brought Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) on stage during his concert. 

Bryan said that the concert was going to benefit Floridians after Hurricane Ian last month, then brought DeSantis on stage as part of that effort.

Liberals saw it more as a political stunt just days before an important election.

“Shame on you”

One posted, “Look I understand this is for a hurricane relief from the devastation that happened in Florida I can understand that. But…. when you do this 10 DAYS before the midterms it’s nothing but a political stunt. You could’ve done this after the midterms. Shame on you Luke Bryan.”

Another user tweeted, “Sad and seriously disappointing. F–k you Luke Bryan” while still another stated, “Note to self: cancel Luke Bryan.”

“Thanks for shaking hands with and lifting up the Governor who just endangered the lives of trans kids in my state by taking away their healthcare,” another tweeted. “I just spent yesterday fighting for those kids. You’re trash, and we see you.”

But not everyone was critical of Bryan. After all, DeSantis is one of the most popular Republicans in office right now, even at the national level.

“Two Rock Stars”

One tweet showed that those in the audience were excited to see DeSantis.

“How awesome[.] Wish I were there! Two Rock Stars celebrating freedom in Florida,” another user tweeted.

“What I love about Luke,” another cheered. “You aren’t gonna tell him who he can be buddies with.” Another wrote, “Just gained a fan. Time to download some @lukebryan.”

DeSantis has rivaled former President Donald Trump in some polls of who conservatives would like to see as a candidate for president in 2024.