Macron's wife makes big announcement about romantic relationship

 November 19, 2023

Brigitte Macron, the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, admitted that she waited over a decade to marry him due to his young age at the time.

The president, 45, is 24 years younger than his wife, age 75, who met him when he was her daughter's classmate.

The comments

"My head was in a mess," Brigitte Macron said during a rare interview, given to the outlet Paris Match, and reported in the Daily Telegraph, according to Fox News. "For me, such a young boy was crippling."

"Emmanuel had to leave for Paris," Macron revealed. "I told myself that he would fall in love with someone his [own] age. It didn’t happen."

The scandal

"Their relationship, which caused a huge scandal in the small town, continued to develop - but she put off marrying him for a decade," the Sun reported.

"Already married when she taught him, and with a daughter who was his classmate, Brigitte assumed he'd move on," it added.

His parents

"French would-be president Emmanuel Macron defied orders from his parents to end a schoolboy romance with a teacher who was 24 years his senior - the woman he married and who will become first lady if he is elected next month, a new book says," Reuters reported.

"When Macron was a young teenager, his father told Brigitte Trogneux, a married mother of three, to stay away from his son until he reached 18 years of age, according to the book," it noted.

The information is found in a new book about the French president called "Emmanuel Macron: a perfect young man."

The book also addresses Macron's close French election and other controversies during his years before and during his role as the nation's leader. He is currently running for another term and is polling slightly ahead in the most recent race.

The election will take place on April 23, with a runoff scheduled on May 7. The new controversy will continue to stir headlines as Macron campaigns during the coming months to pick up another term in France.

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