Majority of Americans say Biden admin does not have border crisis under control: Poll

President Joe Biden entered office with the clear intention to roll back the strict border and immigration policies of his predecessor.

Despite his administration’s talking points and assurances that Vice President Kamala Harris is addressing the “root causes” of a spike in illegal immigration, a new poll indicates that more than 6 in 10 Americans are not convinced.

Illegal immigration rates spike

According to the Rasmussen report, 62% of respondents insist that there is a crisis at the nation’s southern border and Harris does not have it under control.

Although the firm is sometimes seen as friendlier to former President Donald Trump than other national pollsters, Rasmussen is not an outlier on this issue.

The Biden administration has made several steps toward implementing looser border policies than Trump even as the rate of illegal immigration is hitting 20-year highs.

Harris has even attempted to blame Trump as one of the contributing factors amid widespread backlash over her own actions as Biden’s “climate czar.”

While the mainstream media largely appears comfortable covering for the Biden administration, only 22% of respondents to the poll are convinced that there is no crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Biden, Harris receive blame

Although 1 in 3 say Harris has done a good job so far, 62% rated her performance as either fair or poor.

Most voters also prefer Trump’s immigration policies overall to Biden’s. Nearly 1 in 2 respondents said Trump had the better approach and only 35% said the same about Biden.

The president appears to be hurting his cause by opting against visiting the border. Although Harris finally made the trip last month, after facing prolonged pressure from the right, she sought to downplay the border crisis in favor of once again pointing to the supposed “root causes” outside of the U.S.

Weeks before she went to the border, the vice president had dismissed the idea as a “grand gesture” and faced negative coverage for her trip to Latin America.

Along with recent revelations pointing to low morale within her office, Harris seems to be increasingly seen by leaders in her own party as a liability. Some top Democrats are said to be concerned that she would lose to Trump if they both ran for president in 2024.

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  3. I really wish these article titles would stop using terms like he/she/they are “done”, “finished”, or “over with” as he/she/they are NOT done, finished, or over with until he/she/they are voted out of office or retire. But the uninformed DemocRAT voter will never believe or accept that their politicians are liars, corrupt, unethical, immoral, hypocrites!!

  4. This woman, Vice President Harris had a questionable moral walk and I believe she should be replaced by a conservative heavy hitter with stellar academic and international experience.
    America deserves better, and God will deliver better leadership to a repentant
    and God fearing people.

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