Poll finds majority of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of immigration

President Joe Biden is blaming everyone and everything but himself for the crisis at the southern border, but the propaganda isn’t convincing everyone.

While Democrats are still giving Biden a chance, a majority of Americans disapprove of how he is handling immigration, a new poll finds, Fox News reported.

The survey from Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research finds 74% of Democrats approve of Biden’s handling of immigration and border security, but Republicans and independents expressed broad disapproval.

Poll: Majority of Americans disapprove

The poll was conducted March 25 to 29 with a sample of 1,166 adults, and a sampling error of 3.6 percentage points. Fifty-five percent of Americans disapprove of Biden’s job on border security, including 62% of independents, while just 44% overall approve.

Again, on the child migrant crisis, Democrats are an outlier. Just 24% approve overall, while 40% disapprove, including 43% of independents, but 44% of Democrats think Biden is doing a good job with the crisis.

Meanwhile, the number of migrants apprehended at the border shot to 170,000 in March, an increase from 100,000 in February. Among those seeking entry into the country are two men on the terror watch list who were recently arrested.

The approval of Democrats with the chaos seems related to a more tolerant attitude to illegal immigration: only 22% found illegal immigration very concerning. They thought the government should prioritize amnesty for DREAMers, reuniting families and treating migrant children safely.

Biden’s open borders

Overall, the results are what one might expect for a president who has shown little interest in taking ownership of a crisis caused by his own policies. Biden has not yet visited the border, and there is no clear indication that he plans to change that.

What’s more, Biden’s de facto open borders agenda is not popular. The poll found Americans mostly want immigration to stay the same or decrease, with only 28% saying they favor an increase.

Biden has also limited transparency at overcrowded “cages” on the border where thousands of migrants children are being kept in squalid conditions. Biden has largely opted to blame Donald Trump for the current surge and deep-seated causes beyond America’s ability to solve, like poverty in Central America.

But in some truly surprising news Tuesday, the Biden administration is considering “filling in the gaps” of Trump’s border wall.

That would seem a tacit admission that their propaganda blaming Trump has been a smokescreen for Biden’s dopey agenda, but we’re not expecting any apologies anytime soon.

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18 Responses

  1. This news is not a shocker — but what if we just DISAGREE WITH EVERYTHING BIDEN DOES OVERALL ? AND THAT INCLUDES KAMMIE TOO ! (?) … for THAT is the true pulse of AMERICA …..

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  3. Illegals means democrats voters they can’t win an election! This is the only way illegals voting and dems cheating! God helps us Adios USA!

  4. Perhaps one way to solve this problem is to find all registered Democrats all over and have then pay the bills for housing, feeding, educating all ILLEGALS and by all means, paying for their medical bills as well. And we could start by sending the first wave from “tent cities” to SanFran Pelosi’s estate in CA. Just sayin’.

    1. True
      Even an idiot can remember the 3 letters in order for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms ( ATF ), but when he was nominating the new leader of the bureau in he nomination speech, he referred to it as the “AFT “

  5. Biden is the worse president America has ever has. He has never accomplished anything in all his years in government. And because the majority of the American people hate him he is trying to destroy America and its people. Our only hope is for all these corrupt Democrats and some rhino Republican’s be put in prison where they belong.

  6. Americans already know do nothing biden won’t even except the fact their is a Crisis at the border, he’s even trying to Stop the Republicans who went their from releasing the pictures they have, I say to you release the pictures, as the saying goes a picture is worth a 1000 words! AS for your poll Biden’s rating here is a negative at -20%

  7. If the Biden adm. expected the American people to except his stupid policy, then the Democratic party isn’t dumb but mean sprited and shows very little moral fiber.

  8. What we learned from Obama is incompetence be gets incompetence. This is exactly what we are getting from our cadaver-in-chief! The White House is not a rest home but sleepy Joe sure makes it look that way!

  9. This site will only allow hate messages. Do not waste your time writing intelligent well thought out comments.

    1. Well Dave, stop complaining & give us some cheerful good news as to what the Biden administration has done.

  10. Agree with all posts! I disagree with everything that maniac does! He has done NOTHING for our country in all the years he has been in government! He has enriched himself, while bilking the people! Impeach him, Harris, Piglosi , Schumer and the rest of the demonrat cabinet! They are all inept!

  11. Biden has never done anything in all the time he’s been in office and he’s still doing nothing for us. He is the Worst President in all history. He needs to go and also Harris, Pelosi, and Schumer. Their not for our country.

  12. Well he has DONE SOMETHING.
    He has replaces Obama & Jimmy Carte as the “WORST ” President, & he’s done it in record time, LESS than 100 days in office.

  13. The minute “open borders” left Biden mouth, I knew that he could care less about the people making this journey or the America people that would subject to the financial burden of paying for it. I prayed that Biden would do the humanitarian thing and turn them around before more people died. Nope. Biden does not care if people suffer. Biden is pushing a Soros agenda. The American people need to be united and to him. We love our country and want to keep it strong.

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