Majority says inflation is causing hardship, new poll says

Another poll brings more bad news for President Joe Biden and the Democrats ahead of the rapidly approaching mid-term elections.

The new poll from Gallup suggests that Biden and the Democrats’ attempts to distract Americans from the country’s economic problems just aren’t working. 

The pollster conducted the survey between Aug. 1 and 22, polling some 1,500″members of Gallup’s probability-based panel.”

Inflation is causing hardship

The pollster asked participants several questions related to price increases, including whether they have been impacted by these price increases and, if so, how.

A majority — 56% — said that they have been and continue to be impacted by these price increases. They said that it, specifically, has caused financial hardship for their households.

Of those who said that they are experiencing this hardship, 44% described that hardship as moderate, whereas 12% described it as “severe.”

Not in Biden/Dems’ favor

With such polls, it is always important to consider the trend – whether an increasing or decreasing number of people are saying that they are experiencing hardship as a result of price increases. In this case, the figures are increasing.

The pollster indicates that the latest figures are up 49% from where they were in January 2022 and up 45% from where they were in November 2021. Perhaps even more significant, though, is that the pollster found that, now, more middle- and upper-income Americans are sayings that they are experiencing hardship than previously.

So, the trend is clearly not in Biden and Democrats’ favor.

The plan isn’t working

Biden and the Democrats, with the consequential midterm elections in sight, have been trying to use a whole range of issues to distract Americans from the economic woes they have experienced and continue to experience under Biden and the Democrats’ leadership.

This poll from Gallup and several others, however, are making it clear that it’s just not working. A recent Quinnipiac University poll, for example, found that inflation remains the number one issue for Americans heading into the midterm elections. It’s easy to understand why as inflation continues to affect all of us daily, whereas other issues do not have that widespread impact.

If the economy is the deciding factor for voters this election season, then Biden and the Democrats are in trouble.