Man arrested after taking video inside police department

February 14, 2023

A Pennsylvania man was arrested for recording video while trespassing inside a police department lobby.

Guy Mills, 48, arrived at the Pennsylvania State Police Meadville lobby in Crawford County on Feb. 1 over frustrations with a local judge. He recorded his complaints while inside the station where he was arrested after being warned about trespassing.

The report

"He was told to stop recording or that he would be arrested, the PSP report said. The report noted PSP policy and precedent that bans recording in police lobbies," according to a local report.

"The man refused and was taken into custody," the report added, not that Mills was then taken to Crawford County jail.

Not alone

It's not the only time a person has been arrested for filming police. A Boise man was also arrested this month for filming police in a parking garage.

"I was leaving a parking garage after work and saw officers," 29-year-old Ty Justin Werenka said. "I left the garage and came back to film what was going on. As I was leaving, police stopped me and said I was interfering."

Werenka says he is known to the Boise Police Department because of his association to Boise Mutual Aid and he said he films police officers anytime he sees them interacting with the public, according to KTVB-TV.

He was previously arrested at a protest in the Capitol and ticketed at another arrest.

Werenka is not filing a tort claim against the city over the arrest.

Controversial issue

In yet another case, a man in Las Vegas was arrested for filming the police. It is unclear what other issues may have been involved in the particular situation, with a video posted with no other explanation concerning the event.

The issue of citizens filming police officers has become a controversial one in recent months. In the case of the Pennsylvania man, he was arrested for trespassing, but other situations have involved much more concerning incidents that have become grounds for First Amendment freedom cases across the nation.

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