Pennsylvania man pleads guilty to charges related to voter fraud

While many on the left and those in the mainstream media continue to insist that concerns about potential voter fraud are misplaced, one recent case out of Pennsylvania seems to suggest otherwise.

FOX 29 Philadelphia reported Friday that a Delaware County man had pleaded guilty to charges that stemmed from him casting a ballot on behalf of his deceased mother in November 2020.

According to the local Fox affiliate, Bruce Bartman, who is 70, was sentenced to five years of probation for counts of unlawful voting and perjury. He is also barred from voting for the next four years, FOX 29 said.

Violating election integrity

According to FOX 29, Bartman’s mother died more than 10 years ago. Still, he allegedly used her driver’s license number to register her to vote and cast a mail-in ballot for her in November’s election.

Prosecutors reportedly said Bartman also used his deceased mother-in-law’s Social Security number to register her as a Republican, but he did not actually end up voting in her name.

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer indicated in December when the charges were filed that partisan politics played no role in his decision to prosecute.

“It matters not to us who he voted for,” Stollsteimer told Fox News. “Whether he had written in Joe Biden, Donald Duck, or Mickey Mouse, we would still be prosecuting this case because this is a violation of the integrity of the American electoral process.”

Stollsteimer went on to declare that the case “does not represent widespread voter fraud.”

“This case was evidence that one person committed voter fraud by casting an improper and illegal ballot in Delaware County,” the DA explained, according to Fox News.

A look ahead

According to FOX 29, Stollsteimer reiterated that message on Friday, telling reporters that politicians should not use Bartman’s case as an excuse to restrict access to voting.

“While today marks the end of this troubling criminal case, it is only the beginning of the journey for all Pennsylvanians as state government updates and reforms our voter systems,” he said. “To those reviewing voter systems, I say, ‘Remove failed systems, not ballot boxes.’”

Democrats, for their part, have made the case that new election reform laws out of Georgia and elsewhere are discriminatory and make it harder for members of minority communities to cast their ballots. But even they have to admit that cases like this one aren’t exactly bolstering their argument for more lax voting practices.

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18 Responses

  1. And when are all of the dems going to be hung out to dry? One guy in PA and this makes national headlines. This is a joke if it were not so very sad.

  2. Remember folks, and don’t be kowtowed, the November, 2020 election was STOLEN from Donald Trump. The “Big Lie” is the Democrats saying it was a “fair” election, expecting us to believe it.

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  4. If his Mother died ten years ago, then he was allowed to illegally register with an expired DL number. Sounds like a serious problem with the Registrar and State/County Officials overseeing the voting process.

  5. Chuck
    The sad part is Everyone Knows the Democrats lied and Stoled the Election But NOTHING is Being Done WHY ??????? Money ,Power,What, Our Whole Country is going to Hell in a Handbag Thanks to the Damn Lieing Democrats Someone Needs to do Something before it is to LATE God Bless US ALL we are going to Need all His Help

    1. Biden: You failed your first 100 days as president. You bragged so much on this 100 days and what you did is destroy our country. Shame on you for all the deceitful and horrible things you did to us American citizens.

  6. How can you not have to show voter ID? It is beyond comprehension to believe that the “Election” was not an outstanding comedy of errors, You saw all those boxes? Anyone could deliver as many boxes as they wished and of course all voting for the absurd joker who can barely walk or in fact “Talk”!
    Obama with his ” Pen and his phone” was behind the tragedy of the phony election. Obama always thought he was King and should have been graciously given a third term – his arrogance was always palpable. Bungling Biden is and was so JEALOUS of Trump -in fact he appears to strike out at any wonderful achievement of President Trump=Biden is venomous!

  7. Since there was no voter fraud, why did the news report a UPS driver in early morning, with pictures, delivering bags of unmarked ballots. He even was interviewed and was told not to say. But, since he was honest, it only made the news once that I know of. And then there is the voter count. Observers asked to leave, and then bags of votes pulled from under a table to be counted. Even some of the counters with empty ballots signing Biden or Trump’s name. See this is only the small amount that was reported. If every state did this, we know they did, that is big time. Here is another voter fraud. The news media falsely reporting on most news stations which gives Biden, not Trump, an unfair advantage. It would not be right if a few news stations did this. But since most of the media did this, it is and did make a difference. That did influence the election. So did the insurrection crap. Most of know that BLM and Antifa were in other cities causing mayhem. And, there was a BLM member in Washington saying he wanted to kill Trump. So if Trump encouraged it, why would all these missteps of reporting keep happening. Let the facts play out. Officer Sicknick was not killed by a Trump supporter with a fire extinguisher. There were Trump Supporters within the Capitol. But how did anyone know who was who? People were wearing Trump gear. Does not mean they supported Trump. Democrats encouraged all of the chaos. And now we have Biden. Where is all the reporting on these incidents? Hidden until the next election so the election can be influenced again.

  8. What a spin on the Cheating Democrats! The Prosecutor Stollsteimer needs to stick foot in mouth because if this one man Cheated you know others did too! They Cheated to Win & they are still denying the TRUTH! They ADMITTED it on Television, & Radio Talk, how can they deny what they have said they did to get Trump Out! But yet we have the CIA, FBI, and the DOJ coming for INNOCENT PEOPLE all because Old Biden’s Son step over the Line with his Harem of Call Girls & Lovers & Cocaine and WE WERE FINALLY getting Our Country on the Right Path with Trump. Funny how the Mark of the Beasts can LIE and keep a straight face. They must be born this way or had an unhappy childhood.

  9. When Pelosi made such a big deal over COVID and mail-in voting we all knew what they were up to. Criminals. They got what they wanted and to destroy our country and all the good work Trump did. They didn’t want him in to expose their criminal actions going on since Clinton. Don’t see Durham report every brought up and what are they doing but Raiding Trump lawyers to destroy all the evidence that was kept to prove it. The FBI are part of this crime. Sad! Look how they treated Jan. 6 verses the White House riots and all the other BLM and groups. We no longer have justice in our country! Sad!

  10. It is not voter suppression to have to prove who you are to register & vote.
    It is the responsibility of each county clerk to verify the eligible voters in their county & send mail in ballots only to those who are are supposed to get them. I do feel that there was a lot of undetected, uninvestigated fraud in the last election. We need to get our act together and see that only eligible voters get to vote. No one who is not a citizen should be able to vote. You have to show a ID to open a bank account or get on an airplane, why not to vote? God help us all.

  11. I believe that even if the social media came out and stated it is true without a doubt the 2020 election was fraudulent and Donald Trump won the election, the Supreme Court Judges still would not do anything to change the out come. They either are afraid for themselves and family or have been bought off with something other than money. I am so disappointed in our judicial system.

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