Man who assaulted Paul Pelosi lived in a hippie commune: Report

There’s still much to be learned about David DePape, the 42-year-old who attacked Paul Pelosi in the middle of the night.

While the mainstream media desperately attempts to paint the mentally ill individual as a die-hard MAGA Republicans, other facts have emerged that strongly contest that notion.

According to Breitbart, for starters, DePape apparently lived in a hippie-like commune of sorts. 

DePape was reportedly living in a broken-down school bus in front of the home of his former lover — who happens to be a radicalized nudist protester described as “notorious” in San Francisco.

The details

Much of the establishment media have focused solely on writings that may or may not have been DePape’s — writings that indicate he might be a right-wing extremist.

But ground truth, gathered by journalists like Michael Schellenberger, tells a wildly different story.

Drug addiction, severe, unchecked mental illness and homelessness seem to be the root of DePape’s problems, not MAGA politics.

Neighbor wasn’t surprised

Many of DePape’s former neighbors were interviewed, but one in particular, Ryan La Coste, painted an interesting backdrop.

“I wasn’t surprised because another crazy story is coming from someone in that house,” La Coste said. “They are always toxic and always up to something. They are always on the news and trying to be ‘activists.’ They always want to be in the spotlight.”

The home in which DePape once lived inside of, and until recently, outside of, was riddled with LGBT, Black Lives Matter, climate change, and other leftist activist banners and props.

Only time will tell what DePape’s true motives were in his attack on Pelosi, but something tells us this story will take a massive turn.