Dem Sen. Manchin doubles down on earlier opposition to his own party’s far-left agenda

Ahead of the November elections, various Democrats expressed support for bold initiatives such as ending the filibuster or packing the Supreme Court if their party won a governing majority.

After the Democratic Party victories in the Georgia runoff races earlier this month, it might seem that party leaders are poised to pay off on their promises. One prominent moderate, however, appears prepared to stand in the way of his own party’s progressive wing.

“It’s all true, Bret”

According to the Washington Examiner, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has not yet been convinced to fall in line, which could spell the demise of the most audacious points on the Democratic agenda.

With a 50-50 split in the Senate and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris available to cast a tie-breaking vote, Democrats will need the support of all members to pass party-line proposals.

In a Fox News Channel interview on Monday, Manchin told Special Report host Bret Baier that he opposed certain plans for exploiting majority control in the chamber expressed by some of his Democratic colleagues.

Reiterating remarks he made in November, at which time he unequivocally spoke out against ending the filibuster and adding more seats to the nation’s highest court. Furthermore, he expressed disapproval of the far-left idea of defunding police departments or imposing Medicare for All nationwide.

Asked if all of those opinions remained the same now, Manchin said: “It’s all true, Bret. It’s all the same. Nothing’s changed.”

“I’m very comfortable”

He went on to explain that he considers it his job as a centrist “to do everything within [his] power to bring this country together, to heal the country, and to work in a bipartisan fashion, which is the reason that we have the Senate.”

Manchin told Baier that he is determined to work “with the minority and the majority,” reiterating his call “to bring this country together.”

Pressing the issue further, Baier brought up the potential that his guest would face mounting pressure from within the Democratic caucus to fall in line, but the senator declared that he would not be swayed by any such pressure.

“But I intend to stay where I’m at,” he said. “I can work. I’m very comfortable. And we will just have to see what happens. But I’m — the pressure doesn’t mean — I’m too old to be pressured. My goodness, what are they going to do to me?”

Manchin went on to break with his party over the issue of the second impeachment of President Trump, an article of which passed in the House of Representatives on Wednesday with the support of a handful of Republicans. Nevertheless, the West Virginia Democrat said the “ill-advised” plan is doomed to fail, as are efforts to punish GOP lawmakers who objected to the results of the Electoral College vote tally.

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13 Responses

  1. It’s nice to see that at least one DEMOCRAT has some since in his head! I truly hope he stands on for America and not taking her down like the rest of the DEMOCRATS and some REPUBLICANS! I guess I should say new DEMOCRATS!

  2. It is wonderful to have someone in leadership in our country who does not have herd mentality among the Democrat Party, who considers the right choices for America, and will act on what is right for our country!

    1. I’m from West Virginia and I don’t believe him I’ll believe it when I see it he says one thing in front of cameras and vote different and it all so depends on how close it is for him to run

      1. That is exactly how I feel also. so let’s not count our chickens befoe they hatch, because he says on thing in front of the camera and like most democrats, LIES LIKE A RUG!

  3. I too am annoyed when the headline does not have anything to do with the story. I have quit reading the stories on most articles because of the headline. Very frustrating. It seems all news media stinks. None of them can be considered real journalists.

  4. All I can say is I hope Sen. Joe Manchin follows up on his opposition to the radical left wing agenda (Pro China policy). If Manchin votes with the other 50 Republicans, then their agenda is dead in Congress. But that is a big IF.

  5. 1) I hate this “click bait” crap!
    2) I sure hope that Sen. Joe Manchin does what he said in this article…opposing his party’s radical left wing agenda! It is hopeful to see a Dem. that appears to have some common sense! “Appears” being the operative word here!

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