Dem Sen. Manchin not on board with party’s push to ram through election-reform bill

A number of Democratic Party leaders have been increasingly vocal about their desire to eliminate the Senate filibuster in hopes of ramming through their agenda with a slim governing majority in Congress.

Recent revelations, however, indicate it could be one of their own who keeps it from happening.

“Accessible, free, fair, and secure”

As Democrats work toward passing a sweeping election bill known as the For the People Act, U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has expressed his reservations about the legislation itself and any effort to do away with the filibuster.

Republicans have widely opposed the election-reform bill — specifically, provisions to remove voter identification requirements, loosen restrictions related to absentee voting, and require federal approval for state redistricting decisions.

A similar proposal already passed in the Democratic-led House of Representatives, but it would almost certainly require the elimination of the filibuster and its 60-vote threshold in order to make it through the Senate and to President Joe Biden’s desk. As Manchin explained in a statement this week, he is not on board with such a plan.

“A healthy democracy depends on a voting system that is accessible, free, fair, and secure,” he wrote. “There are some legitimate concerns about the implementation of the For the People Act, especially in rural areas.”

Citing his own prior experience as West Virginia’s secretary of state, Manchin noted that he understands “the importance of local decision-making around voter accessibility and election security.”

“Clearly an effort by one party”

The senator noted that certain “bipartisan proposals embedded in this bill can strike the right balance,” but reiterated his belief that election reform should not come by way of a partisan proposal rammed through by just one party.

“Instead of arguing about the election reforms on which we disagree, Congress should be working together to enact those on which we can agree,” Manchin argued.

As for the potential ramifications of a one-sided pursuit, he added: “Pushing through legislation of this magnitude on a partisan basis may garner short-term benefits, but will inevitably only exacerbate the distrust that millions of Americans harbor against the U.S. government.”

Notably, his rhetoric sounded more like Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) than the leaders of his own party’s caucus.

“This is clearly an effort by one party to rewrite our political system, but even more immediately, it would create an implementation nightmare,” McConnell asserted during a hearing on Wednesday. “This legislation would forcibly rewrite the election laws of all 50 states from here in Washington.”

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20 Responses

  1. Mr. Manchin had better vote NO on all of biden’s garbage, especially HR1, S1, and all the gun control bills. He will lose every West Virginian’s vote if he refuses to vote no on all of them.

    1. Any elected leader with the slightest integrity should abhor HR1 as a brazen effort to force election fraud on American voters. THIS is what corruption & mediocrity looks like, Baby Democrats. THIS is nothing to be proud of.

  2. It’d be the destruction of our Representative Republic. His job too, WV is not NY or CA. Communist takeover in disguise is what all of this stuff is. There is no Biden Administration, they just use his name. The actual person Biden cannot communicate on his own in any way. Manchin may follow through on this one, he doesn’t seem like a Communist to me.

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  4. Thank God for Manchin – he has saved the day many times for us. He really needs to come over to our side – be a conservative.

  5. Without legal verification for voting we are doomed. Pushing through votes that aren’t certified is stupidity especially if the reason is for democrats to steal elections.

    1. Patty,
      Probably because you were posting the truth that the communist “censors” do not like. I cannot comment too much, because I did not read your “post” however I have had several of mine “moderated” (removed) because I stated FACTS and TRUTH that the democommunists are attempting to push full communist “control” in this country, and complete power over the citizens that they want as their ‘royal subjects”. Lets see if this comment gets posted.

      1. Cliff, don’t feel left out, i”v had a number of comments sencered,these AHdon’t want the truth just new suger coated. In my home town i asked the editor of the local new paper i handed him a sheet of paper with the discripition of what sociolist is and i would pay the cost, damn idoit refused. I told him we wernt going to renew the newpaper and told him go to hell.

      2. Right? Yet all the wokeys on the left will bxtch til the tables are turned then be the first to cry. They forget it’ll it’ll apply to them too..

  6. The democrats want to change the election laws so they can cheat and still all elections in the future. The democrats want power of everything and over everyone. The democrats really need to be put completely out of any government offices they hold or have been appointed to.

  7. Time will tell when it is time for him to vote. He has expressed conservative views and then voted liberal. I do not think he can be trusted to do what is right for the country and citizens.

  8. Manchin is about the only democrat with a level head, but unfortunately he can only stop so much; especially when we have people like collins and romney who like to join the other side just to “spite” us……..

  9. The bill itself is a crime and against the Constitution. We, the people would never have a voice again. Every election would be predominantly Democrat since it sets us their cheating scenarios very well. Not what our forefathers had in mind, I’m sure. This needs to be fought and fought hard! After all, the more we see what the Dems in charge are doing, the more they are proving themselves to indeed, be our domestic enemy which the Constitution speaks of. Look it up!! We have every right to abolish them…ban them from this nation entirely.

    1. As I said before the military needs to step in and arrest all dems involved in the steal charge them with treason and put the true president in the White House PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP and we can end this fiasco and get back to MAGA

  10. The Constitution spells it out quite clearly. The State Legislature sets the procedure for each State. Only the State Legislature can make any changes. In the 2020 election, this was violated by several States. Instead of not counting the votes from the violated States, the Federal Government simply looked the other way and allowed the illegal votes to be counted. Even the SCOTUS looked the other way by not hearing any of the cases. The fix was in.

  11. SENATOR MANCHIN, Stay the course put AMERICA first. If anyone writes a sequel to ” PROFIELS IN COURAGE ” yo will be NUMBER ONE on the list. This 92 year old third generation AMERISAN DEMOCRAT did NOT BELIEVE there were ANY AMERICANS left in the SO CALLED DEMOCRATIC PARTY you have revived my FATE .

    1. Sen. Manchin followed the late, great Sen. ROBERT C. BYRD to the U.S. Senate. Mr. Byrd would have voted against all of this foolishness by biden and pelosi.

  12. Manchin should become a republican so he want have feud with those crazy’s about there attempts to take over disarm and dismantle the country

  13. Only a communist country make their own rules for voting. Any patriot American would be ashamed to belong to the New Democrat party and discuss ways to steal every election. president Trump will return sanity to Congress soon it is now a loony bin.

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