Manhattan prosecutor will wait for new hearing over Trump tax records

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance has agreed to hold off on enforcing a subpoena for President Donald Trump’s tax and other financial records until after a hearing before an appeals court on September 1. 

Vance could have legally enforced a New York grand jury subpoena on Friday August 28 after an appeals court refused to stay it, but Vance said he would wait the two additional days until the appeals court hearing.

Vance had already agreed to wait a week before enforcing the subpoena.

Trump’s lawyers had argued before the Supreme Court in June to block the subpoena, but the high court rejected the argument that Trump had blanket immunity from subpoenas and sent the case back to the lower courts.

Trying to find the right argument

The Supreme Court didn’t just reject the idea of quashing the subpoena out of hand. In essence, the court gave Trump a chance to make a different argument, which means that there could be a different argument it would accept.

It remains to be seen whether Trump’s legal team will be able to find the argument the Supreme Court might be looking for, or whether they will be able to convince the appeals court before it gets that far.

Why is a Manhattan DA poking around Trump’s financial records anyway?

Apparently, the DA’s office wants to make sure nothing untoward occurred when one of Trump’s people allegedly paid off Stormy Daniels, who was accusing him of trying to have an affair with her right before the election in 2016.

Trump claims innocence

Trump says he didn’t know about or authorize the payment, which was a campaign finance law violation, but apparently the DA’s office isn’t so sure.

The extended fishing expedition runs the risk of making Trump’s taxes public if they are leaked (and everything seems to be leaked these days).

I’m not sure what Trump thinks will be harmful to him in the tax returns, or if he really just wants to keep them private because he’s in the middle of an audit, which is his official reasoning for not turning them over.

If the payment did come from Trump, and the DA’s office can prove it, that will be a huge October surprise for the Republicans. But the likelihood of Trump’s financial records being made public should be slim at this point because the court is supposed to keep them tightly sealed and private, The Hill reported.

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