Maricopa, Arizona election audit coming Friday, September 24

Conservative weighed in on Thursday, as Breitbart reported the status of Maricopa County, Arizona’s election results forensic audit. On Facebook, Conservatives noted that they “prayed for the truth,” would come out, but that they also expected Arizona’s Senate to bury the facts. 

Arizona’s Maricopa County will release the results of the 2020 Presidential Election forensic audit on Friday. Arizona State Senate announced that Maricopa County election results audits would be available on Friday, September 24, confirmed to CBS News by a spokeswoman for the Arizona Senate.

Election results will be presented on the floor of Arizona’s Senate. The forensic findings presentation will be open to the media.

The statement notes that, while the election results in Arizona were certified “six months ago,” the Republican-led Arizona Senate has undergone a full hand recount of all ballots and voting machines in Maricopa county. Arizona’s Senate took possession of the votes by subpoena, the statement confirms. 

On September 17, a statement from the Arizona State Senate President Karen Fann confirmed that Maricopa County had settled with the Arizona State Senate.

The County agreed to drop its notice of claim of $2.8 million to replace the election equipment that it delivered to the Senate as required in the January subpoena. Fann confirmed that audits did not reportedly damage the machines, and the Secretary of State “failed to follow procedures regarding decertifying the machines.” 

Fann called the agreement a “huge win for the state of Arizona.” 

Breitbart reports that, from the beginning, Arizona’s election audit has been the subject of heated partisan attacks.

Liberal media has launched reports on the “fishy,” status of the tech company helping to perform the audit. The Daily Beast called the Florida company CyberNinjas a “conspiracy firm,” and pointed out that the company had “no prior elections experience,” likewise referring to the company as “obscure.” 

The Daily Beast continued to state as fact that the auditors have damaged the election equipment during their audit. This comes after the officially released statement on September 17 that states Maricopa County and the Arizona State Senate have settled, and agreed to drop claims of damages to these machines. 

The Daily Beast article was released on September 22, and the statement of settlement from Maricopa County and the Arizona State Senate was released on September 17. 

Despite settling over the voter machines, Maricopa County and Arizona are still at odds over the audit. Arizona Capitol Times writes that Maricopa County Superior Court Judge John Hannah continues to pursue a lawsuit against CyberNinjas which requires the company’s CEO to respond to claims for public records. 

Maricopa requires CyberNinjas to release its text communications with the Arizona State Senate over the audit by late September. This is a rebuff by Judge Hannah to the attorneys for CyberNinjas who state that CyberNinjas should not be compelled to respond to requests for public record on the grounds of being sued because this will great a “legally groundless administrative burden,” on every state contractor and employee. 

CyberNinjas is a private firm that Senate President Fann hired for the audit. 

Meanwhile, Conservatives from Arizona believe that the audit will reveal that Donald Trump was the rightful winner of the election in Maricopa county. This, Breitbart reports, was taken from an OH Insights survey of Republican opinions in the area. 

Republicans answered 61% agreement with a statement that the audit would find Donald Trump had truthfully won the election. Independents and Democrats were likewise polled in this survey. 

Independents answered 54% belief that Biden won, 24% that Trump won, and 8% unsure. 

Democrats answered 89% Joe Biden, and 2% Donald Trump. The overall poll found that 54% thought Biden won, 31% thought Trump had won, and the remaining 15% were unsure. 

Arizona waits with bated breath to see what sort of political fallout will come from tomorrow’s audit results. 

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