Martha’s Vineyard officials bused the 50 migrants to a military base, citing lack of resources

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) kicked a liberal hornet’s nest when he flew a mere 50 illegal immigrants to the plush, elitist getaway known as Martha’s Vineyard. The move had his political and media opponents going as far as branding his actions as something Adolf Hitler might have done.

But while Martha’s Vineyard long ago declared that it’s a “sanctuary city,” the 50 illegal aliens who were dropped off there didn’t get a chance to experience the benefits of being flown to a wealth sanctuary, as they were deported from the swanky island before their hair was dry from the shower. 

The group of illegals arrived at Martha’s Vineyard late Wednesday night, but by Friday morning, they were being bused to a U.S. military installation in Cape Cod for processing.

Some Vineyard residents claimed that the island, which houses some of the wealthiest people on the entire planet, didn’t have the “resources” to take care of 50 extra people.

Total hypocrites

The rich snobs of Martha’s Vineyard went into total hysterics upon learning that they somehow how to scrounge up the resources to house and feed 50 tired and hungry immigrants.

Estimates of available space on the island said that some 100,000 rooms were available, at least for temporary shelter, with most of them being in massive estates and guest houses that are used only a few months out of the year.

It took less than 36 hours of their presence on the island of elitists to be sent packing to Joint Base Cape Cod.

Martha’s Vineyard, and Democrats in general, were ridiculed for their extreme, comical hypocrisy.

It was once trendy and hip to declare a city or state a “sanctuary city,” with Democratic leaders at the time presumably under no impression that someday they’d have to put up or shut up. But things have changed.

Legal issues brewing

Triggered Democrats have threatened to pursue the possibility of charging DeSantis and other red state governors like Texas’ Greg Abbott with “kidnapping” charges, even though the illegal aliens board the buses and planes voluntarily, and after signing a waiver.

Dems are clearly upset simply because as much as they tried to hide the border crisis for the past two years, DeSantis and Abbott just brought to their doorstep, and now it can’t be ignored.