Report: Marxist ideal of ‘equity’ being taught to children without parental knowledge

One of the ideological left’s favorite buzzwords, used quite often by Vice President Kamala Harris, is “equity” as opposed to “equality,” and though those two words may appear similar, they are anything but, as the former deals with equal outcomes while the latter has to do with equal opportunity.

Unfortunately, it is the idea of government-facilitated equity that is being pushed by leftists like Harris, including on young and impressionable school children, and at least in one case with explicit instructions to not discuss it with their parents, PJ Media reported.

Students told to keep quiet

Parents of students in Minnesota’s Sartell-St. Stephen School District were enraged to learn that, without their knowledge, school children had been compelled to participate in an “equity audit” that was conducted by a leftist organization known as Equity Alliance of Minnesota, with taxpayers footing an $80,000 bill to cover it.

Students were instructed to answer every single question on a survey — even if they didn’t fully understand what was being asked — that queried about such things as gender and racial identity, among other concerns. The students were also told that they were not supposed to discuss anything related to the questionnaire with their parents, according to Alpha News, which didn’t sit well with parents.

“My teacher said that I could not skip any questions even when I didn’t understand them. One question asked us what gender we identify with. I was very confused along with a lot of other classmates,” explained Haylee Yasgar, a student at the school.

She went on to say that she and her fellow students were told they were not to “repeat any of the questions to our parents.” Yasgar said, “Being asked to hide this from my mom made me very uncomfortable, like I was doing something wrong.”

Equity vs. equality

Some might ask why it’s a big deal, given the apparent similarities between equity and equality, but the simple truth is that equity and equality are far from similar.

Equality means that everyone is given equal access to resources and opportunities and allowance to pursue achievements, regardless of the particular circumstances of situations from which various individuals start. Equity is about distributing resources and opportunities in a way that takes into account the conditions of where individuals start, giving more to those in need and less to others with fewer needs in order for everyone to achieve a similar final outcome.

It is an idea that has been championed by Vice President Harris, as evidenced by an explanatory video she posted on social media just days before the 2020 election that made it clear if placed in charge of the government, she would use the government to achieve equality of outcomes while eschewing equal opportunities for all.

Anti-American Marxism

The problem with that, as explained by the libertarian Cato Institute, is that Harris’ pursuit of equity over equality smacks of Marxist communism and socialism, in that she would use the government to redistribute resources in such a way as to boost some while hindering others so that everyone ended up in the same place at the end.

“But generally, there is no reason to expect that even if ‘equitable treatment’ could be achieved, in the way Harris defines it, that we would all ‘end up in the same place,'” Cato wrote. “And if the absence of equality of outcomes is taken everywhere and anywhere as evidence of inequities in life chances requiring government action, then not only will politicians like Harris be perennially disappointed, but we will suffer a ratchet of liberty‐​restricting government interventions in pursuit of an unattainable goal.”

This is shameful, subversive, and entirely anti-American, and it is high time that the American people let leftist politicians like Harris know, in no uncertain terms, that we will not abide by a pursuit of “equity” over “equality,” which will leave everyone in an equal state of government-imposed misery.

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