Video of maskless customers, employees in Florida grocery store goes viral, spurs outrage

A video of smiling, maskless customers and employees in a Naples, Florida grocery store went viral last week, sparking furious reactions from mask proponents, the Washington Examiner reported.

The cell phone video footage was captured and posted online by NBC reporter Sam Brock.

Watch below:

The comments on Brock’s post contained just a sampling of the vicious response many had to the mask-free scene inside the busy store. “Couldn’t care less about the lives of any individual in this store. But I ache for the people these disgusting brain damaged anti lifers will infect and the poor healthcare workers that will have to risk their lives to care for them. These a**holes don’t deserve food,” actress Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted.

“The man who owns this store – Seed to Table- is ferociously bigoted, unhinged, hysterical, inhumane. What you need to know is that many Naples residents shop there not in spite of him, but because of him,” author Glennon Doyle wrote on Twitter.

Store allows medical exemptions to mask requirement

According to NBC News, the South Florida grocery store was identified as Oakes Farms Seed to Table Market in Naples. Owner Alfie Oakes has made it known that he is no fan of mask-wearing requirements that have been suggested by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and mandated by some state and local governments.

Collier County, where the store is located, has imposed a mask requirement on businesses, but as was pointed out by Brock, Oakes had posted a sign outside stating that the store would not enforce that requirement or question those with medical exemptions to mask-wearing.

“Those in our lovely government have ordered all persons entering indoor facilities to wear a mask. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask, you are exempt from this order. Due to HIPAA and the 4th Amendment we cannot legally ask you about your medical condition,” the sign read. “Therefore, if we see you without a mask, we will assume you have a medical condition and we will welcome you inside to support our business.”

Owner questions COVID reporting

After the video went viral, Oakes appeared on NBC’s “Today” show to discuss his stance on masks. “I know that the masks don’t work, and I know that the virus has not killed 400,000 people in this country. That’s total hogwash,” he said. “Why don’t we shut the world down because of a heart attack? Why don’t we lock down cities because of heart attacks?”

The Hill reported that according to statistics compiled by Johns Hopkins University, more than 26 million people have been infected and nearly 453,000 have died in the U.S. since the start of the pandemic. Florida has reportedly had around 1.7 million confirmed cases and about 27,000 deaths, while in Naples, there have been approximately 27,000 cases and 413 deaths reported from COVID-19.

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22 Responses

  1. It’s time people woke up to the truth about this already. This isn’t a pandemic. It was made up by the Deep State to force people into fascist control, and to take the so called vaccine, which doesn’t cure- but which alters RNA (and immunity) so that your system is ruined. For women, it causes sterility. This was all planned by the Deep State for years. The nasal swabs insert nanobots that enter your brain and which respond to 5G.. Very diabolical. Nobody should be locked down, wearing masks or socially distancing. It’s a lie. People are dying from flu complications, especially those with autoimmune disorders, lung problems, diabetes, heart problems and cancer. Time to awaken to the fact we are losing our freedom and cannot allow these dictators to take over us nor our country.

    1. I totally agree with you. People don’t believe me when I say that. Their eyes are shut and believe the BS that the cdc and government. It’s ridiculous. Keep on telling the truth. If one or two people hear and agree, the truth keeps getting spread.

  2. Hooray for that owner I believe everything he said everything he’s doing is the suggestion to wear a mask if people are scared and think this is real then too bad for them the ones that want to wear masks let them wear masks I grew up go out take that baby to get a few germs to build their immune system now you want everybody to clean all the germs away how is anybody’s immune system going to get built up get over it already my town we don’t wear masks either

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  4. He is absolutely right. My step father was admitted into a skilled nursing facility, where the staff wore masks, gloves, and sterile garments 100% of the time. After four months, one of the staff contracted Covid. Within a week 11 of the patients had covid and two of them had died. My Step father is one of the ones who had died. The masks, gloves, and sterile garments don’t work. If they did, no patient in that facility would have contracted Covid, flu, cold, or anything else. It is the blind (government, scientists, medical phofessionals) leading the blind. Sheep will follow anyone with a staff (instruction).

  5. As I have remarked previously, there have never been any studies (NONE) that have shown that masks block any viral loads. All studies have shown just the opposite. Masks are physically useless. Psychologically??

  6. Good for them!!! Finally people taking back their identity and not being some faceless puppet. I applaud them all

  7. Florida does not have a mask mandate – only several of the Democrat counties do! Orange County takes their orders from the mayor’s wife, Valerie Demmings.

  8. Leave these people alone !…they know what they are doing…..We have been told to stay in too long…..this pamdemic was brought in to help Biden win…and also the computers…..So all u liberals…..shut up and mind your own business….If u want to wear a mask or two….go ahead…..The jokes on u ….try not wearing a mask and u will see…..u will be ok…. We know who to protect !! 75 ys and older.

  9. grow up people and stop following like sheep being led to the slaughter. This wuhan virus is bad and maybe worse than the common flu but the lowsy media and the demon crats have used it to destroy our country.

    get your heads out of the sand before it is too late

  10. What a stupid title to this article. “Viral Video Stuns America”? I’m not stunned at all. This is sensationalism at its finest.

  11. Love those Florida folks. This entire so called pandemic is disgusting. Just read that 80%of positive tests are wrong. Why did everything open up after bidrn was illegally put in the white house. Amazing. Herd immunity is the best way to get a handle on It.

  12. After vaccinated and 3 weeks later, one is pretty safe to not get sick. I would love to get BIG stickers saying” SHUT UP, I GOT MY SHOTS, NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!”… and walk around without a mask! THERE!

    This is information from all of the honest worlds doctors and researchers. This site covers everything, this is about world control and population control. None of the people that died from CoVid should have, if the doctors here administered the simple malaria drug and zinc. The doctors that used those meds didn’t lose a single patient even those elderly and at risk. We have been lied to and used for political reasons. Please learn the truth about these vaccines! It’s all on this site.

  14. Congratulations to the store owner. That’s the way to get rid of the masks. I’d shop there if I didn’t live so far away! Hahaha!

  15. Congratulations to Ron DeSantis the store owner and all the people that shop there. If I lived down there, I would also shop there.
    I agree wholeheartedly with everyone of the above comments. It’s so nice to see and read. There is not one iota of evidence that say masks Lockdowns or social distancing even work. Hooray Florida

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