Tulsi Gabbard slams Pelosi’s ‘inflammatory rhetoric’: It’s ‘like throwing a match into the tinderbox’

Even Democrats aren’t happy with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) hostile remarks toward Republicans.

After Pelosi smeared House Republicans who choose to carry firearms on the Capitol grounds as “the enemy…within the House,” U.S. Rep Tulsi Gabbard (D-CA) put the speaker on notice for her “inflammatory rhetoric.”

“This kind of broad, inflammatory rhetoric is like throwing a match into the tinderbox,” Gabbard declared Friday, according to Fox News. Take a look:

“The enemy is within”

The congresswoman’s comments, made during Friday’s episode of Fox’s The Ingraham Angle, came after Pelosi said at a press conference this week that she agrees with some of her colleagues that additional funding for Capitol security is necessary — but it’s not just because of the riot on the Hill earlier this month. Pelosi said “the enemy is within the House of Representatives,” too.

“I do believe, and I have said this all along,” she said, “that we will probably need a supplemental for more security for Members when the enemy is within the House of Representatives, a threat that Members are concerned about, in addition to what is happening outside.”

Pressed to explain what she meant by “the enemy is within,” Pelosi made clear that her characterization applied to her GOP colleagues.

“It means that we have Members of Congress who want to bring guns on the Floor and have threatened violence on other Members of Congress,” she said, according to a transcript from her office.

“She needs to apologize”

Speaking Friday, Gabbard called such rhetoric from Pelosi “incredibly dangerous,” considering that the country is already “on edge.”

“If this is a [criminal threat], let law enforcement deal with it,” Gabbard told host Laura Ingraham, according to Fox. “If there is no evidence of what she is talking about, it is inciting further division and further harm potentially and further destroying the possibility of our country coming together.”

The congresswoman went on: “If these accusations are baseless, she needs to apologize — not so much to her colleagues but to the American people who right now, more than ever, need leadership coming from the speaker of the House, who represents all members of Congress and the American people to bring us together.”

Pelosi’s rhetoric certainly doesn’t align with the “unity” message her caucus has been pushing so hard over the last 10 days since Democrat President Joe Biden took office. What changed?

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46 Responses

  1. If you are 80 years (almost 81) and you are afraid of the people you work with, know what you should do, QUIT!!!!! Take your Billion and go home! You would make at least 100,000,000 people so happy not to ever see your face and hear your mouth again. Go Home!!!

    1. Amen to that! She is the enemy within and has been all throughout Trump’s four year term. This shrew held up funds from the American people simply to put pressure on Trump. When she finally agreed to sign and was asked, “Why now?” she admitted, “a new President”… Get her out for God’s sake.

    2. I agree. She has to much power. Her and Joe are losing it. This is why there should be term limits and age limit no one over 70.

    3. The enemy within is Pelosi, she has allowed her insane hatred and malice toward conservatives to drive her completely mad, she is worse than a rabid dog, so filled with hatred that she attacks at the slightest opportunity. She should be locked up for her violent urges, which are out of control.

    4. The real question is, Why do they need to be protected from the American Citizens? Walls, and 7,000+ Troops? They must not realize that they are not representing American values. And it seems to be only the Democrats that are afraid and accusing others.
      Maybe a little Transparency and Common Sense their drama would go away. Represent the people not just the Elite
      Why are you putting the National Guard Troops in harms way. Are they safe?

  2. Cada día existen demócratas liberales líderes políticos que incitan más y más a la violencia,y solo con sus actos demuestran que la unidad no es su fin,Pelosi,Shummer,Walter,AOC,Omán,Harris son una muestra de crear clímax de descontento dentro de sus propios políticos y votantes

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  4. The RIDICULOUS side of this argument was demonstrated when the “right’ was subjected to “deadly force”. A representative was GUNNED down while playing baseball, However, NO CALL was made for the ‘Guard’ nor ANY extra measures taken for protection of the Congress. Here we have a small group of malcontents (probably organized and led by the left) and “all of a sudden” we have the left dominated Congress CRYING for more protection What a farce!!

    1. Pelosi is covering her own but she is the enemy within the house her she has destroyed the black and white people we was doing pretty good until the Democrats and China tried to kill the people of the United states it’s pelosi no doubt impeached her today

  5. Piglosi should be censured, not only for all her false accusations, but her inflammatory rhetoric all along. She has gotten away with disparaging our President, our country, and all republicans! SHE DOES NOT SPEAK FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! She lets her vile vendetta against President Trump and all republicans get in the way of doing her job! She must be thrown out of congress!

  6. yes throw the old b…. out of her job. she is a seperator, mean ,wicked old political with mafia tended vendettas on her mind. she gets a salary to do these things and that is the worst part of the whole deal. no one really likes pinky pelosi and all she stands for in our world. lets vote her out or force her to resign…. impeachment process is still with use can we use it on her.

    1. She should not be simply “thrown out of her job” – -she IS a communist, has been for decades. She NEEDS TO BE arrested and tried for treason; let the law of the land take care of her end.

    2. You are so right! I can’t for the life of me why she’s still working. I guess us deplorable to keep taking our money. What a piece of work. Go home lady (puslosy) I have a good reason why she stays, her hubby likes peace.

  7. nancy can no longer be allowed speaker position she is a liability to our great nation Tulsi would make a better choice

  8. The entire unity call is a farce. Between Hillary Clinton’s deplorables
    and Maxine Waters “Get in Their Face” and other extremisims from the
    pessimistic, opportunist, power loving democrats, I for one, as an 83 year old (voting in every election since I was 18), am sick to death of the ridiculous division in this country. Coming mostly from the extreme left of the democratic party. Please get rid of Maxine Waters, get rid of Alexandra Octavia Cortez, get rid of Nancy Pelosi. They don’t care about us – they just care about an “All World Order” which can never happen. We need to put Americans, and America, first as President Trump was doing. Joe Biden is pandering to the left of his party. The “Green New Deal” will further bankrupt us and put more Americans out of work.HOW DO WE STOP THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The left is causing this division, just like President Obama set racial harmony back 50 years or more. How could Biden put all Obama’s staff back in place – 8 years of Obama was bad enough; this country can’t have another four years of him and his losing policies. Biden is President in name only and we all know that.

  9. Pelosi and Schumer Both need to Go. It is beyond time , they believe that they are the government or are both ruling Monarchs or Dictators. They listen to them selves and their Contributor, NOT the American People whom they supposedly work for.

      1. Did you hear that lier how can you people in new York take this disease fool and believe him he is taking your life and freedom write that down

  10. Pelosi wants more National guards and fence in and around Washington , she wants more protection from what ? Why are the Democrats running scared, could it be something they have done or something they are going to do . HITLER said that in order to take over a country you first have to take away their GUNS. This is what the Democrats want to do . Just realize what is going on. They want total control, LOOK what is going on.

  11. When you think the people are the enemy then you should be impeach or maybe tired and feathered. When is our government going to recognize The people. This country is for the people. The Government shouldn’t never use the Army again the people. Pelosi should resign or be impeached. The office should be charge that shot the lady in the capital he is a coward and should go to jail. Trump people should speak up and not hide from Pelosi and her crony’s.

  12. Everyone knows that Biden shouldn’t be the pres.The questions are given to his people so they can write the answers down for him. He reads everything, he won’t take questions off the cuff, he just walks away. He’s a joke! The whole Dem. party is a joke. They have been on Trump for the last 5 yrs. when are we going to say enough already? The Dems can Say & do what ever they want & get Away with it, why?? Come on you Rino’s get with party or get out.

  13. Ronald T Sawyer, I for one go out every day with my Trump hat and shirt and mask and i dare any lefty to jump on me. I don’t carry a gun Because I don’t need one. Stand up Americans. Give none take none.

  14. Nanty Nancy isn’t going to ever quit, in fact she hasn’t even ran to be reelected to her chair for the past 31 yrs. her corrupted dem partners have been keeping her in her position all those years, NOT ‘we the people’, everyone else in Congress has to run to get elected again but not her, why is that, everyone in the House/Senet but not her ?

  15. Nancy Pelosi has tried so hard over the 4 years to get Trump kicked out of the White House. Now he’s gone she is still ruining a man that did not do what she is accusing him of. Idiots all over this country believes what this pathetic idiot says. If anybody should be impeached it’s Nancy Pelosi!! This woman does not care about America or Americans. She is a self centered idiot that needs to be sent home. Furthermore I do not understand why people bow down to her. Just like the Amendment 25, she will use it on Biden and he does not realize it.
    Lastly I hope Trump sues her for everything she has for defamation!!

  16. Nancy is right. She is the enemy within as well as Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, and every other Democrat who has served or is serving our country. People wake up, they are destroying our country, minute by minute.

  17. Fancy nancy is a communist and has been for decades. She does NOT belong in the Halls of Congress, nor even in the USA! Remove her, try her for treason and let the law of the land take care of her.

  18. Pelosi – Leader –What a laugh! She is the instigator and it will catch up with her. Jail at 80 something is not pretty. She is a traitor and she and her dem compatriots know it. Why else try and bunker in to protect yourself, selves if your patriots. Dems now they are not and so do we Pelosi!

  19. I am confident that Pelosi, who views the Americans as her enemies, must be removed from Congress immediately. If Pelosi thinks that Americans who have opinions that differ from hers are enemies, then she is dangerous to society and should be isolated.

  20. nothing will ever happen to nasty, cuck, geri, aoc, or any of the other commiecrats. they protect each other. they represent the mob.

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