Materials list from Mar-A-Lago raid complete despite Trump claims about planted evidence, DOJ says

The Department of Justice has submitted an official list of items taken during the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago that it says is complete, despite former President Donald Trump’s claims about planted evidence and the taking of personal items. 

The list was submitted to the special master appointed to the case, Judge Raymond Dearie, and Trump has until Friday to submit his own list of what was taken as it differs from the government-submitted list.

The FBI signed an affidavit asserting that the list was complete.

“I am not aware of any documents or materials seized from the Premises on that date by the FBI that are not reflected in the Revised Detailed Property Inventory,” an FBI agent whose identity was redacted said in the affidavit, “other than materials that the Privilege Review Team has not provided to the Case Team.”

Minor changes

A comparison of both the original and the new inventory lists shows only minor changes and no changes to the number of classified documents seized.

Republicans were outraged by the raid, and it appears to have strengthened Trump’s standing with his party ahead of the midterm elections and a possible election announcement that may happen after the midterms.

Legal scholars–even many Democrats–don’t think the raid was the logical next step in the process of getting classified documents returned to the archives.

The DOJ was widely expected to indict Trump ahead of the midterms, but it is now within a window where any indictment would be seen as political and could impact Democrat candidates negatively.

“Failed” raid?

As a result, some are speculating that the FBI did not find what it thought it would find in the raid and calling it a “failed” venture.

Meanwhile, the FBI is poking holes in claims that Trump declassified the documents found in his home before he took them.

Dearie expressed skepticism about the declassification.

The DOJ presented “prima facie evidence” that the documents were classified, and Dearie said “As far as I’m concerned, that’s the end of it” unless Trump’s lawyers can present evidence that shows otherwise.