Matt Gaetz says Kevin McCarthy must have 'monogamous relationship' with conservatives

 June 8, 2023

While President Joe Biden praised House Speaker McCarthy over the debt ceiling deal they reached last week, some within the speaker's own party have been far less complimentary.

Politico reported that House Freedom Caucus members are protesting the agreement by blocking new legislation. What's more, one conservative leader is threatening to pull the trigger on an even bigger move. 

Making McCarthy choose

According to the Washington Examiner, that's something Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz made clear to former Trump White House advisor Steven Bannon on Wednesday.

During an appearance on Bannon's podcast, Gaetz spoke of a plan to make McCarthy choose between being loyal to the House Freedom Caucus or siding with House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries.

"We're gonna force him into a monogamous relationship with one or the other," said Gaetz, who was seated next to Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert.

"What we're not going to do is hang out with him for five months and then watch him go jump in the backseat with Hakeem Jeffries and sell the nation out and underwrite $4 trillion in debt," Florida congressman insisted.

Dissident Republicans blocking bills

Gatez and Boebert were leading figures among a block of Republicans dissidents who in January forced McCarthy to undergo multiple votes before winning the speakership.

What's more, both joined 10 other Republicans and 208 Democrats in blocking the advancement of four bills relating to gas stoves.

"Today, we took down the rule because we're frustrated at the way this place is operating," Gaetz was quoted as telling reporters on Monday evening.

"We're concerned that the fundamental commitments that allowed Kevin McCarthy to assume the speakership have been violated as a consequence of the debt limit deal," he added.

Rep. Ken Buck: McCarthy "has failed on all counts"

Also going after McCarthy is Colorado Republican Rep. Ken Buck, who tweeted, "Speaker McCarthy has forgotten what I wanted out of the debt ceiling 'deal.'"

"Here’s a brief reminder: STOP Congress’ out-of-control spending, thereby preventing an eventual default. DON’T add $4 trillion to our deficit. NO handouts to Democrats. He failed on all counts," Buck explained.

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