Maxine Waters puts Fox News in her crosshairs: ‘I am now considering a lawsuit’

California Rep. Maxine Waters (D) is threatening to sue Fox News for drawing attention to her hypocritical requests for extra security on her recent trip to Minneapolis, where she encouraged rioters to take to the streets in the final hours of the Derek Chauvin trial.

According to the Washington Examiner, the controversial lawmaker accused Fox News of spreading “misinformation” with a report alleging that she misused U.S. air marshals for her protection.

“Deceitful, lying Fox ‘News'”

In a tweet, Waters said she has “never” requested law enforcement protection on any flights and said that “deceitful, lying Fox ‘News’ must be stopped.”

Fox had reported that Waters is just one lawmaker who is “abusing” air marshals for extra protection — a trend that picked up after the riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6 — and diverting them from “high-risk” commercial flights by using them as a “concierge service.”

On her trip to Minneapolis, Waters had two U.S. Capitol Police officers and a pair of Secret Service agents guarding her, as well as two U.S. air marshals and two marshals to escort her at the airport, according to Fox, although Capitol Police and the Secret Service denied providing Waters with security.

Sonya Hightower LoBasco of the Air Marshal National Council filed a formal ethics complaint with Congress to investigate Waters, saying she used “government resources inappropriately,” leaving a high-risk flight “with no armed law enforcement on board.”

“We still don’t have any justification as to why government resources were utilized to fly Ms. Waters out to Minnesota,” LoBasco told Fox News.

Waters doubles down

Ironically, but not surprisingly, Waters was then calling on activists to raise hell in the event that Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer, was acquitted of murdering 46-year-old George Floyd, as the Examiner notes.

Many said the congresswoman’s comments were a form of jury intimidation, and the judge in the trial said they could be used by the defense to make an appeal, according to The Washington Post.

But Waters denied wrongdoing, as she has long done when making incendiary, bomb-throwing comments.

As might be expected, Waters swiftly denounced Fox’s reporting as “misinformation” and threatened to sue the outlet for allegedly endangering her life.

“As a result of Fox’s willingness to lie and deceive its audience, I am now considering a lawsuit against Fox News and demand an immediate retraction of the article,” she said, according to reports.

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    1. I know you don’t have the guts to respond but I wish you would stop this stupid comment when it has nothing to do with Maxine Waters

      1. Well, well, well if it ain’t auntie Maxine again. I laughed so much when she said that Fox News had put her life I jeopardy. She said that she didn’t have any Secret Service or Capitol Police guarding her. Just go look at the flight records. You will find that she lied again. She isn’t capable of telling the truth.

        1. Another democrat who wants it both ways. She has been inciting violence for quite awhile. What a jerk

  6. Well is it true asking for extra security? When she was inciting violence ? It’s against the law if you are. Conservatives or republicans. But not for a dem

    1. All they have to do is look at the flight records. They will show exactly who was guarding her while on her flight to Minneapolis to incite violence.

  7. Good, let her sue……….will force all parties concerned to be dragged into court and tell the truth, and I am pretty sure, the old hag’s version of what went down won’t even be close to the truth. Go ahead you crazy old bat, sue Fox News, it’ll be your downfall.

  8. This crazy woman needs to be in jail. She helped incite these fools to step it up. burn & steel from companies. She is a raciest and a commie.!

    1. Not only is she a racists, she is an evil, mentally deranged woman that is capable of doing anything that will destroy those who have a different opinion than she.

      1. Agree completely. Here are some adjectives to describe Mad Max: pernicious, feckless, avaricious, insidious, vitriolic, demented, unhinged, egregious and unamerican.

    1. Who cares!I know you don’t have the guts to respond but why do you keep putting this stupid commenton here when it has noting to do with the issue at hand. Get lost.

  9. that’s right you worthless democrat waist more money on trying to hide the truth your all alike no good for anything but being anti-American

  10. Get and take down this corrupt democrat. She is stealing money from the American people to do what she wants to do. She’s a loudmouth liar and so corrupt it’s ridiculous. It is time to take her down.

  11. Maxine is clinically and pathologically impaired as even those not holding the professional accepted degrees can profile Her self loathing, greedy ego centric attitudes and need for hate and revenge are obvious She is not known for significant intelligence nor generous selfless accomplishments She is truly nasty and dangerous I don’t normally comment upon physical appearance, but we all know she is truly intrinsically and extrinsically UGLY

  12. A corrupt old mule-mouth crow. All mouth and no substance. How can you sue somebody for telling the truth? You don’t want it heard, damn it, don’t let it happen.

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