Maxine Waters continues to pay off family using campaign funds

Rep. Maxine Waters (CA) is diligently maintaining her reputation as one of the most brazenly corrupt politicians in Washington.

The Democrat bomb-thrower is continuing to pay off her family using campaign money, Fox News reported.

Waters continues to pay off family

Waters paid her daughter Karen Waters $16,000 in four payments in July and September of this year for slate-mailer services, according to Waters’ latest Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings.

The slate mailer is a kind of campaign literature that tells voters which candidates and ballot measures to support.

The latest payments mean that Karen Waters has received over $1.2 million from her mother’s election campaigns since 2003.

While it’s not illegal or especially uncommon for lawmakers to hire family for their campaigns, it’s considered a legal form of corruption, one at which Maxine Waters excels, apparently.

According to OpenSecrets, Waters paid her daughter more than $180,000 during the 2020 cycle, far more than other lawmakers paid their relatives.

Brazen corruption

Waters’ financial dealings have garnered scrutiny for years. The LA Times reported in 2004 that her family had earned $1 million “by doing business with companies, candidates, and causes that the influential congresswoman has helped.”

That year, Waters told the Washington Post that she kept her government work strictly separate from her family business.

“They do their business and I do mine,” she said. “We are not bad people.”

One wonders what work Waters’ daughter is really performing. Waters faces no serious threat of losing re-election in her solidly blue 43rd congressional district. She handily defeated her challengers in a nonpartisan primary earlier this year.

Waters obviously doesn’t care who thinks she’s corrupt. Can you really blame her? Just look at how the media has treated Joe Biden.