Arizona mayor declares state of emergency after Biden ignores pleas for help on immigration crisis

After causing an immigration crisis at the border, the Biden administration is leaving towns impacted by the chaos to fend for themselves. The little town of Gila Bend, Arizona is poor and unable to cope with migrants being “dropped in on us” by the Biden administration, Mayor Chris Riggs said.

The town’s mayor has declared a state of emergency for the town of 2,000, but he says his pleas for help are falling on deaf ears, Fox News reported.

Biden ignores overwhelmed Arizona town

The Biden administration has refused to take responsibility for a wave of people that is overwhelming the southern border, blaming Donald Trump, but critics say Biden caused the surge by ending Trump’s strict immigration policies.

While Biden continues to deflect on the crisis, towns tangibly affected by his negligence are feeling the hurt. Gila Bend, a tiny settlement with no hospitals or shelters, is one of them.

“We do not have the resources to handle all of these people being dropped in on us by Border Patrol,” Riggs told Fox host Neil Cavuto.

Riggs said he has asked the Biden administration for help, but he’s getting radio silence.

“We need help. I have requested multiple times for information for assistance. I’m not getting it,” he added. “So the only other alternative I have is to declare an emergency and really try to force people’s hands to provide me with the resources that I need for what the federal government is doing to us.”

Biden dumping migrants in border towns

With no help incoming, Riggs said he borrowed a couple of vans and drove a group of migrants to Phoenix himself.

Last week, he told Fox that his town can “barely afford to take care of the people that we have here in our community now” and that Biden left them “in the dark,” saying, “we’re really frustrated with how we’re being treated through a crisis that they started.”

He’s not the only mayor to complain about having migrants unceremoniously dumped in his community without warning from the Biden administration. Other mayors say they can’t handle the influx, but Washington won’t pick up the phone.

The mayor of Midland, Texas was surprised to learn that child migrants were being bused in during the middle of the night. And the Democratic mayor of Del Rio, Texas condemned Biden’s behavior as a “slap in the face.”

This must be the “humane” immigration policy Biden’s staff talk so much about. How is this fair?

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40 Responses

  1. Why must they be transported further into the USA? Why not transport them to a Mexican border town?

    1. I have read where they are being transported all the way up to the Canadian border. This administration needs to be completely overtaken. They are systematically killing us.

      1. They don’t need breathing humans, they control the computers and know how to print fake ballots and then hire scumbags to count the votes. Hey the dems don’t even have to have a candidate that goes out into the public to win approval.

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  3. Arizona, New Mexico & Texas need to join forces and go after the border wall and control of the border. Fight as a group that deals with it first hand.

      1. The Wall is all paid for just needs to be put up. Any volunteers? I think they need to drop off a bunch in all the cities that voted for these idiots . Maybe they will smarten up next time. All those that voted for Biden deserve it. STRANGE ARE MANY WANTED TO GO FROM AMERICA FIRST TO AMERICA LAST. WELL YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANTED CAUSE WE ARE SURE AS HELL LAST

    1. They should start Go Fund and save the Country accounts for each state. I bet they money would pop in from many states north that will or are being affected. Use the money to finish the wall and at the same time keep the lawsuit going that made if un lawful for him to cancel because the funds are there and I’m not sure of the rest of the law but. there is president from what I read. I am in Bigsur and would send a couple of K and I’m retired and just making it. If there’s money left start up the XL as a number of state AG’s have filled suit.

      1. All of the material to finish the fence is ther. A little help and a couple engineers might do it. Maybe some guys from the pipeline would help

    2. Round up the thousands of Havalina’s in Texas and New Mexico and place them where they are coming. If you don’t know what they are, they are 1000 lbs+ tusked hogs that will eat anything including people. Place a few here and there in pens and in Spanish say we will release them if you try to come in. They are very dangerous and they are bounty hunted out of choppers in Texas.

  4. Soon Biden will be in jail with his son and then it won’t matter. These border people need to take control of their towns before they are run over by criminals.

    1. Biden in jail – you’re joking, right? Pelosi and her cabal will not allow that. And Psaki plays dumb on Hunter’s 3.5m from Russia. They are all liars and thieves.

  5. Sad that the Biden’s admin is just dropping these bottom feeders off in the towns in the middle of the night. It is not America’s responsibility to care for these illegal aliens. We have our own homeless, veterans homeless and plenty of Americans out of work. Send these bottom feeders back on planes or shoot to kill! This is a health and safety crises in
    our country!


  7. Well people, this is what is going on now—aren’t you glad you let the government take over our rights!!

  8. How many of these people can be moved into Joe Biden’s basement and to Kamala’s house? They are both people who care and only want to help these people!

  9. This is historically the way the Dumpocrats have always done and the sheep follow. “PROMISE THEM EVERYTHING AND GIVE THEM NOTHING.”

  10. Hey Mayor Riggs, why in hell are you borrowing vans and driving these freeloaders to Phoenix? You and other mayors quit taking crap from Biden and instead drive these immigrants back to Mexico. You guys talk big BUT that’s the extent of it.

  11. Stay in your own country and try and fix your government like the usa did when overran by the British. Bet these people coming over now would run if we needed them to fight for our country.

  12. Why bother to comment thy just don’t print it. I hope you libs along the border enjoy our new visitors thanks to the Democrats . You voted them in so now enjoy it.

  13. If I were this mayor I would put all the immigrants dumped off in his location on buses and drop them off in DC, Deleware and all democrat states. Why should republicans have to support these illegals?! WE DID NOT VOTE TO LET THEM IN! . . . and then send Biden the bill for the transportation!

  14. The border state governors must close the border! Any illegals caught should be sent back, do not let them in. It is NOT up to us to take them in and care for them! Border patrol and ice should refuse to obey biden’s Orders! The governors, attorney generals of every state needs to file suit blocking bidens’ open border policy! This is OUT country, we need to defend it! Where are the civilian militias, why aren’t they helping out?

  15. Time for Biden and Harris to be IMPEACHED! They are not doing a thing for this country but make it a laughing stock of our country ! They are committing TREASON and should be put in GITMO ! All the other countries are watching and laughing. It will not be long before China is here to take over. Obama , Pelosi , Schummer , Siros are all behind this mess pulling the puppet strings.

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