Mayor of crime-ridden Philadelphia bans gun owners with permits from carrying in parks

The Democratic leaders of crime-ridden Philadelphia are escalating their party’s misguided war on the law-abiding.

An executive order signed Tuesday by liberal mayor Jim Kenney bans lawful gun owners from carrying firearms at recreational centers, parks, and other city properties.

Philly mayor signs gun ban

The mayor framed it as a necessary step to keep the public safe amid a crime wave that recently claimed the life of a recreational worker who was killed by a stray bullet.

He conceded that his ban is likely to be challenged in court, given Pennsylvania’s “preemption” law, which prohibits local governments from enacting gun control more restrictive than state regulations, but “that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be trying.”

The city’s far-left prosecutor Larry Krasner warned that even those with gun permits will “have a problem” if they bring firearms to a park or other city property. Those who violate the order can be charged with trespassing.

“Even if you have a permit to carry and you go on those premises, then you have a problem with me,” Krasner warned.

While he vows to get tough on permit holders, Krasner has dismissed 50 percent of gun charges this year even as the number of gun cases has doubled year-to-year. He has blasted criticism of him as a “MAGA effort.”

Targeting the law-abiding?

Citywide, shootings are up 1.5 percent compared to this time last year. There have been 401 murders so far this year, a marginal decrease from last year’s rate, when Philly saw a record 562 homicides. There have been 18 shootings at the city’s rec centers this year.

Critics of Kenney’s order such as city councilman David Oh say that Philly’s liberal leaders are targeting law-abiding people — when they should be focused on prosecuting criminals under existing gun laws.

“According to Mayor & DA, if you have a legal gun & carry permit, you’ll be arrested & prosecuted for walking in the park. But criminals w/ illegal guns & no carry permit are not being prosecuted. Mayor’s executive order is illegal & D.A. illegally criminalizes law abiding people,” he tweeted.

As it happens, Kenney has publicly stated that only police should be allowed to have guns.

“I was in Canada two weeks ago and never thought about a gun. The only people I knew who had guns in Canada were police officers. That’s the way it should be here, ” he said in July.