‘It remains unequal’: LA mayor says Soros offered to fund local reparations programs

Progressive billionaire George Soros has long used his personal wealth to fund a variety of far-left causes and organizations.

Now, the mayor of Los Angeles, California, has confirmed that Soros is interested in financially backing a pilot reparations plan aimed at redistributing wealth along racial lines.

Details of the plan

According to the Washington Examiner, Democratic Mayor Eric Garcetti described the effort as a coalition of 11 big-city mayors.

Mayors Organized for Reparations and Equality hopes to launch pilot programs in each of the cities while increasing pressure on Congress to create a similar program on the national level.

Garcetti opened up on the program in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, acknowledging that reparations would likely prove too expensive for taxpayers to fund through taxes. Instead, he cited a need for additional funding from private donors — including both wealthy individuals and corporations.

Soros has already stepped up to provide some of the necessary funds, the mayor said.

At this point, the project is little more than an advisory panel created with $500,000 from the city’s coffers. Participants are reportedly focused exclusively on studying the prospect of providing reparations to the descendants of American slaves, provided they are Black and live within Los Angeles.

“A place of injustice”

Similar commissions are being established in the other cities that have joined the coalition with the hopes that their various programs will pave the way for a federal program.

During a virtual launch meeting for the multicity organization, Garcetti insisted that the nation needs to “address” the issue of racism.

“This year has shown us in some of the starkest possible terms that while America is a land of opportunity for some, it remains a place of injustice, inequality, and indignity for too many of our black brothers and sisters,” the mayor said. “It remains unequal for the descendants of those who were forced onto slave ships, uprooted from their lives, uprooted from their loves, stripped of their humanity and their dignity and their rights.”

He touted reparations as a way to address the wealth gap between white and Black residents in his city.

There are plenty of related issues that have yet to be addressed by these commissions, however, including the financial and societal fallout associated with forcing some races to hand over their own money to members of other races.

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  7. It’s an obviouus fact that the Dems are not going to do anything about Soros because he is a liberal hack like the rest of them. Not until 2022 will anything happen when the Republican’s take back the House and Senate. I can say that because many of the Rhino Republicans have finally been forced to grow a backbone because their constituents are forcing them to be held responsible for their actions. I hate to say it this way but I am glad that the Dems are doing what they are doing because it has caused a revolution all over this country and everybody knows it. Just waiting for 2022.

  8. When you lay down with dogs you will et their bad ideas. Hint! mostly scandels, and the greed for the all mighty dollar from the honest people.

  9. Soros turned in his family to the Nazi’s for FOOD in world war II, they all ended up dead but Soros was still hungry so he did the same thing to other Jews family. I call Soros a Nazi Jew. He should have died in the war. He pays people to riot and cause a whole lot of damage when Trump was running. Most likely he will do it again. This time the American people will fight back just like the Americans fighting the Brits. Soros, the Democrats who should have his life ended by Americans, not Democrats. Dem’s are the Enemy of the American people.

  10. Yes it has caused a real divide. Our Senators need to grow some testicular fortitude. 2022 should make big changes in our government if the elections are not rigged.

  11. Google always disallows free speech even when you do some research. There are 80% white in US vs 20% non white and 8% black. So is he going to check the percentage of how many whites are below his line verse how many blacks are below the percentage in the distribution. I suspect he would find many more rich blacks above the line with just 8% population than you would find whites. White washing America again!

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