McCarthy declines to discipline Rep. Greene over controversial views

Freshman U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has faced widespread opprobrium in recent days over her previous statements and social media posts, which reflect her belief in fringe conspiracy theories.

Nevertheless, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy made it clear in a statement on Wednesday that House GOP leadership would not discipline her or strip her committee assignments as many critics had recommended, according to The Hill.

“I continue to condemn them today”

McCarthy has previously denounced Greene’s propagation of QAnon narratives and other extreme theories — and he maintained that level of disapproval in his latest statement on the matter.

“Past comments from and endorsed by Marjorie Taylor Greene on school shootings, political violence, and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories do not represent the values or beliefs of the House Republican Conference,” the statement read, as The Hill reported. “I condemn those comments unequivocally. I condemned them in the past. I continue to condemn them today. This House condemned QAnon last Congress and continues to do so today.”

The top House Republican informed his party’s caucus in a recent meeting that he spoke to Greene about the views she espoused before she was elected to Congress.

She reportedly acknowledged during that conversation that her past comments did not meet the standard expected of an elected official.

Among other controversial positions she has defended online, Greene has suggested that school shootings were staged events, and video footage recently surfaced that appears to show her following and harassing Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivor David Hogg.

“To hold ourselves to a higher standard”

For his part, McCarthy explained in his statement that he “made clear that as a member of Congress we have a responsibility to hold ourselves to a higher standard than how she presented herself as a private citizen,” as The Hill noted.

McCarthy also said that the congresswoman “recognized this in our conversation” and that he plans to “hold her to her word, as well as her actions going forward.”

In an apology to her Republican colleagues on Wednesday, Greene reportedly acknowledged being “curious” about QAnon and said that she learned a lesson about what to share online.

The House is set to vote on a motion to remove Greene from her posts on both the Education and Labor Committee and the Budget Panel. A proposed deal to remove her from the former without stripping her of the latter position was reportedly rejected by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD).

Some Republican leaders have suggested that if Greene is removed because of supposedly harmful views, Democrats deserve the same scrutiny — including Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who has faced backlash for a variety of statements deemed antisemitic.

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36 Responses

  1. Republicans say that the Democrats deserve the same scrutiny but they do absolutely nothing about it. They need a bigger spine!

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  3. Why is it ok for people like Omar, AOC, Waters, the Michigan Representative to come out with anti-white, anti-Jewish remarks, White supremist or whoever they are but don’t speak against BLM, Antifa or anything they see as good for our nation. We all can look through a window and all see something different and we may all be wrong but do we express what we see and work together to find out what is the truth? Just because you are one or the other doesn’t make you the righteous one but need to work together to see what they are seeing . Didn’t stop the squad that came in very destructive and allows to continue.

    1. Both parties should be held to the same standards. Democrats have been getting away with the same things that they are so upset about Green doing for months now. It is just another case of their double standards. They want to set down rules for republicans, which they refuse to follow themselves. Make the rules apply the same for everyone, not “Do as I say, not as I do!”

      1. There is only one set of laws… The US Constitution.
        There are two sets of standards. Democrats which demean the American citizens and do nothing to represent their constituents. Republicans which stand up for American citizens yet don’t have a strong spirit and spine to denounce Democrats. WE THE PEOPLE are paying you $174,000/yr so do you job.

  4. Very noticeably missing from most Republicans except the conservative caucus, bravery, courage, spine of steel, balls of titanium the will to fight for their beliefs and those who they are supposed to represent. Come On, Show us you are not compete whimps!!!!

  5. Remind me????
    Who SLEPT WITH A CHINESE SPY FOR YEARS & still holds his cabinet position
    Who had a Chinese spy as a chauffeur for many many years

  6. How about that hateful nut case Mad Max Waters or screwball AOC and Omar. These idiots should be thrown out of DC…PERIOD. The GOP is full of weak individuals and RINO’s. If they had made a stink in the fraud certification, then the rightful winner would of been DJT. But no, they showed how scared they were of the deep state dems and ALLOWED the WORST crime in the history of America. I am still waking up each day with DISGUST of what was allowed to occur with the election. Never did I realize how corrupt DC, the msm and the courts including the SCOTUS are. Oh, and not to forget the corrupt FBI and DOJ.

    1. SO agree BUT to me the biggest disapointment is the Supreme Court! NOT taking the case and hearing ALL the info that proved all the fraud. From yrs ago RESPECT is EARNED not a given! They let the people of OUR country down! And look how God Awful this is hurting so many! Still say bo plenty is behind this! Could not ruin us in 8 yrs, so push the puppet along!

    2. Yes, how VP Harris and her raising monies to bail out rioters and looters from
      Seattle and Portland jails. Democrats and the media are hypocrites. Can’t wait for 2022.Vote!!! anything but Democrat.

    3. How on earth =did they bet elected? There must have been some dark money involved as no one in their right mind would vote for them otherwise.

  7. So where is the set? Have they made any moves on ocasio or Omar nope all words no action they should be raising so much hell that congress can’t make any moves that’s fighting not statements about what would be fair! I for one am sick and tired of what they don’t do!!

  8. Somebody is using the same swing set on this playground and the dems just can’t stand it. C’mon man, yer all winners here but some swings travel in a different arc.

  9. Thank God We the People have one true American conservative that has the nerve to fight for our constitution.The lawless have taken control in D C. Shameful & sad. Thank you, for standing strong for M. Greene. Keep America GREAT!!


    1. You are spot on. If the spineless republicans would just get off their perpetual defense mode ,grow a set, and come out fighting . Time for McCarthy to go and Jordan to take his place. Time for party unity against the self serving RINOS. Time for old school establishment to be gone. Time for the fence sitters Collins/Merkosky to be sent to the dust bins of history. Never Biden !

  11. Take back the house and take out the Democrats they open the box get in and show them how much they have to loss with there stupidity in there comments back to hell evil demons and place a cross on top

  12. Well good for McCarthy…….. I think. It’s so hard to trust Republicans anymore. They have no back-bone.

  13. The Tyrant Biden, ” If you rule by executive order you are a Tyrant” has placed all of America in sever danger! He is building and opening more detainment camps on our southern border. He is using our tax paying dollars to support abortions in foreign countries. He is laying off Ten’s of thousands of hard working Americans with a promise of some future job is some clean energy field that doesn’t exist yet. He promotes racial discrimination and supports fascist groups like BLM and Antifa. He said he was going to stamp out White Supremacy and Domestic Terrorists. Why separate out White Supremacy from Domestic Terrorist, are they different? He supports terms like White Privilege and allows for Democratic Congress to inflame terms like Whitty and Karens. You can not fight Racism with racism or fascism with fascism. You can not support looting and burning of American cities as the Democrats have done, without groups like the Proud Boys standing up to these fascist and Racist groups. Than call the proud boys domestic terrorists unless you supported the racial and fascist groups.

  14. Way to go McCarthy.
    Your next goal will be to regain control of the House.
    The only thing in your way there is the fact you cannot trust the voting mechanism.
    If you don’t start reviewing this concern now, once again, it will be too late.

  15. The statements made by Congresswoman Greene were not made during her tenure in Congress. Those made by “the squad” were made during their tenure and were far more incorrigible than any said by Ms. Green. Those who note the double standard are right. There is a high bar for Republicans and no bar for democrats. Democrats continually slide the ethics bar up and down to suit their purposes. For democrats, t’s all political theater, using hysteria, hyperbole, and is completely hypocritical. It’s pretty pathetic.

  16. This is the first step in getting back to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What have the Democrats done for the people since they have been in office? NOTHING. All they have done is undermine what Trump has done for the people.

  17. If it looks like a duck,sounds like a duck,acts like a duck,then common sense will tell you it’s a duck. DemonRATS have a quite different standard and adhere to it. In light of that knowledge,I will now begin to behave in exactly the same way. And be aware of this important fact…my backlash to demonRAT shenanigans will be swift,concise,and quite detrimental to the guilty party’s comfort! But the punishment will fit the offense.It’s time to give what we are getting. Offenders beware,you ARE being watched and justice WILL be knocking on your doors when you least expect it.

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