‘He should continue to engage’: Rep. McCarthy predicts Trump ‘still has a role’ in GOP

Despite the fact that he left office on Wednesday, it seems clear that former President Donald Trump will be facing a second impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate.

While a handful of Republicans want to see a conviction in their effort to “purge” Trump from the party, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) believes the former president should “continue to engage” with the GOP and maintain an influential place within it, as Fox News reports.

“What he said”

McCarthy, who has previously placed some blame on Trump for his rhetoric leading up to the Jan. 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol building, has since asserted that he does not believe the then-president incited his supporters to riot.

The deadly siege earlier this month claimed the life of Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick and at least four others, according to reports.

Asked whether Trump was to blame for the violence, McCarthy was firm in his response, insisting: “I don’t believe he provoked, if you listen to what he said at the rally.”

His words stood in stark contrast to remarks made by the Senate’s top Republican, Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, in an address on Tuesday.

From the Senate floor, McConnell alleged that the rioters “were provoked by the president and other powerful people, and they tried to use fear and violence to stop a specific proceeding of the first branch of the federal government which they did not like.”

“When he saw”

For his part, McCarthy shared a somewhat nuanced stance last week when he said the then-president needed to “accept his share of the responsibility” for the deadly mayhem on Capitol Hill.

“The president bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters,” the House GOP leader said at the time. “He should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding.”

This week, however, his tone had shifted to one of praise for Trump for listening to those who “no one else was hearing” within his party.

“Going forward, every former president still has a role within their party for the time basis,” McCarthy said, according to Fox. “This president brought a lot of great success within. He brought people to the party that hadn’t been involved before. And he should continue to engage in that way.”

Trump gave his supporters some indication that his political ambitions are not finished, declaring in a farewell address that he will “be back in some form,” as Reuters noted.

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50 Responses

  1. He’s trying to cover his own arse. When Rs take over the house in 2022…. vote for Jim Jordan or Steve Scalese for head of majority. Then maybe we can get some results.

    1. Ok, just keep an open mind and bear with me. I know this may sound crazy to you, even to me at times BUT. I really feel that some people in the underground swamp of D.C worked with China to make this virus. My reasoning, 1, it was so convenient to the Democrats that this virus came out on an election year so as to push the MAIL IN BALLOTS which we all know is the number one way for fraud. 2, why is it that WE THE PEOPLE are told we must act one way yet our GRAND LEADERS act another way when it comes to social distancing and mask wearing yet we have seen SO MANY of our Politicians not follow the same rules and 3, it is also starting to come out that the infection numbers and deaths cause by this virus has been over inflated. I know this may sound crazy but the hatred for Trump that the Left has shown, to me, they would plan, in the last 4 years, something to this magnitude is very possible.

      1. I think Obama and Fauci started the virus pandemic when they visited Wuhan Labs in China in December 2019! There was an article on the internet about their trip but it’s now disappeared!

          1. when Biden & Obama were in the White House Obama gave Wuhan owned by George Soros Chelsea Clinton’s uncle a 3.7 Million dollar grant leaving the USA poorly prepared for a viral infection then after the 2009& 2010 swine flu he never replenished the stock pile. & in Obama’s playbook he stated after Ebola comes Corona virus , Obama & Biden also funneled money to the Al-Qaeda linked organization during their terms of office , they also hid Oben Laden , but I have a copy of clappers confession & transcript .

      2. And I and many others saw the picture of f face, gates, piggy, and it looked like e.john all smiles JUST before we were made aware of the virus! ALL smiles in China! Then when she came back she would not go back to DC to work! Wonder why? Oh and the picture of her in China town saying its all ok! The DEMONRATS had a dirty hand in this as well as the election that b bragged about having the best fraud the county has ever known. She is a hateful, evil women!

      3. You are Just finding these things out… we know who helped to make the virus and payed for it to be done and the Dems have been trying to ruin trumps life fir 4 years telling lies to everyone and depending on their far left fake news and fake newspapers to help spread the lies. Anyone with half a brain can see what the Dems have been doing, but people still voted for the bumbling idiots, but also of course was all of the fraud with mail in ballots and the voting machines being rigged. The Dems don’t care how low they have to stoop and crawl to win. Your Observations are very spot on and believe me, over 72 million Trump supports think the same thoughts.

      4. I totally agree with you , and have been saying the same thing for months now. I think I just read something this morning that a person involved said it did escape from a lab in China. I think this whole thing was planned to get Trump out of office and win the election even if they had to cheat to do it.

    2. I so agree with you. America is sick and tired of some of these Republicans who turned against President Trump.
      We will not forget, and that rat Mitch McConnell, who I regret donating to his campaign, and McCarthy, have lost my respect , and will no longer get any contributions from me.
      America will do their own work, and replace every one of those corrupt people who plays two sides , for their own political gain.
      The Dems will destroy each other, over their greed for wealth.
      Shame on all of you who betrayed America, and the American people. The true God is with us, and his will for America will prevail.

      1. Here here, you are right 👍🏻 – turncoat rats McConnell and McCarthy, possibly Lindsay, too – all backstabbing turncoats RINOS or RINO-ish. Turned their backs on Pres. Trump and us, too, 75-85 million of us 😡🤬 Trump’s too smart to have committed insurrection/inciting attack on a Federal building and those within.

        Patriots will remember these turncoats come election time, 2022 and beyond. Their political days are numbered.

    3. Amen to this Jordan for sure. McCarthy is just another big Rino.
      He was a great friend with another Big Rino named Paul Ryan. Just saying!

  2. McConnell and McCarty need to be impeached for treason. The fbi was complicit in not taking antifa and BLM threats seriously ( by design) Just another hoax that should blow up in all their faces. It just makes me support trump more and republicans not at all. Now republicans are going to fight the fraud. I don’t think so. I am not donating another dime for republicans. They helped take are economy from booming to third works country in two days.
    Politicians only think of what’s in it for them. Term limits snd new party needed

    1. Amen. I won’t be giving another dime to the repubican party. They have forgotten the constitution. They have forgotten what our platform is Donald trump was one of the first presidents to listen to “ We the People “.

      1. DEMS/RINOS have NOT followed the Constitution for MANY MANY DECADES…..Those DEM/RINOS do not even know what is in the Constitution……The worst was the muslim illegal Kenyan born that did everything against the Constitution…..Now that low life JB is doing the same thing and does not care about the legal citizens here in the USA….
        WATCH OUT PEOPLE………..You are going to get the BIG SHAFT via that swamp creature known as JB…………….

      2. The Supreme Court forgot their duty as well! They didn’t question all the irregularities in this election!!! I blame scotus!

        1. I also blame and have NO RESPECT for any of them! They could have and should have stopped this mess! NO evidence? MY A.., there was plenty and many who swore to have seen it! WE saw it on TV! They let us all down!

        2. Yes, all the effort Pres. Trump and Conservatives put into supporting several of the SCOTUS members and getting them confirmed, then they turn their backs on Trump, us (We the People), and the truth 😡🤬 I blame former AG Bill Barr, too 😡🤬

      3. Absolutely the Truth. He cared about Us and showed it. I think he has a plan and I think The Storm is coming and soon. He has God on his side and the Swamp is going to be drained.

    2. Me, too – I support Pres. Trump more and more and these turncoat RINO Repubs. less and less. Defund them and vote them OUT. Start a new party, if possible, call it the ‘Patriot Party’ or the ‘America First Party.’ ♥️🇺🇸 But start it soon because of the work and expense it takes to start a new, legitimate political party.

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  4. Antifa already admitted on CNN they was responsible for what happened at the Capitol, and it would be fool hearted for them to continue with this impeachment.

  5. VOTE THE PRESENT MAJORITY HEAD OUT! Vote for a real Conservative, like Jim Jordan. McConnell and McCarty both need to go!

    1. Yes; McConnell’s true identity is clear: a good ol boy RINO Swamp creature. McCarthy’s true identity is also apparent: a RINO-ish chameleon who switches his allegiance from Trump/Trumpers to the Dems, then back again, whenever it’s most beneficial to do so. A phony creep – we Patriots don’t need him! McCarthy’s no better than the other evil beings from CA, like Peloser and her sinister nephew, Gavin Newsome 😡🤬

  6. Go ahead expel Trump from the Republican party, will only run as a Independent party candidate with 75,000,000 ex Republican party voters and possibly a few million people already in the Independent party

    1. McConnell is as big a traitor as every democrat pushing for the impeachment trial. It is their lawless provocation and support of antifa and blm rioters that led up to what happened at the Capital. Traitors Biden, Harris, and Pelosi are the main people who should be facing impeachment.

    2. This is how I feel I use to be a republican and I’m no longer going to stand for a party , that has nothing to stand for . I hope and pray that we vote McConnell out and get a god fearing loving American. And if Jordan is the man so be it. And as far as standing for any republicans again we know who not to stand for . I want someone that loves god and loves the people , and it’s a shame that god created this very nation and you people he created are trying to destroy it. . there is a judgement day and I pray for all you two-sided humans , becuz the wrath of god is stronger that the dems a you best get on your knees and decide God or them , I pray it’s not to late for you . I love this country and I’ve been a republican for as long as I’ve had air in my body . But all I have to say is I’m so ashamed of the party I have voted for , for yrs . There will be a new party and that’s where I will be ! Amen

      1. Yessss! Thank you! I totally agree 👍🏻I don’t call myself a “Republican” anymore – that’s a dirty word. I am a Conservative Patriot, love God and country, support our Constitution, 1A, 2A, etc. ie, a Deplorable and proud of it 😁

  7. Yes, Charles Bell, you hit it right on the head. Whatever Trump decides to do,there are 75,000,000 voters that are with him no matter what the party is called.

  8. I don’t trust the swamp that was implanted in our government for the past 50 years! President Trump saw it too, through out the years, and stepped up to the plate to exposed this takeover of our beautiful America! They got caught!!! He didn’t have to, albeit a billionaire, and to work for “we the people” without a salary, which was donated! Now the Democratic machine got it’s job accomplished! There will be tough times ahead for us!

  9. Tough times is not the half of it! Isis is already rearing it’s Ugly head in Iraq! We will be back fighting them in the Middle East, but joebama, like his namesake will be funding them, calling them the “ j v team”, and doing NOTHING to stop them! Expect isis operatives to be among the illegals that will flood our southern border, and our border patrol rendered useless by joebama! The downfall of our country is at hand!

  10. Democrat party they are going downhill fast.is destroyd in my book by Pelosi and Schumer I wouldn’t believe anything they say

    Mitch Mconnell and Collins and the other wild crazy republican democrat lady are putting the republican party down the drain fast
    If Trump could some how get another party to going I’d say 90% of the republicans would join it and probably over 50 per cent of the democrats would That wouldn’t leave a lot for the dems and repubs

  11. The swamp was surprise when the wicked Hillary lost in 2016 but they had the fix in 2020 with the swamp fixing the vote count. Trouble is 1/2 the people have no faith in this government the rest are to stupid to see the total picture. That being that communists just did what they are so good at taking over countries. We now have a compromised agent of a foreign government in charge and will act accordingly.

  12. Of those dead one was killed by a guard, Brazilian immigrant, the others were killed by Antifa or BLM people. This was what was reported. How did Trump insight that? These people had been at all his rallies causing problems for supporters. Yes Trump really gets under their skin to insight them to destroy our country.

  13. It is very disturbing how McCarthy and Cheney criticized President Trump for something without getting all of the facts. Facts are coming out that Pelosi knew more about this a few days before….and it began about 15 minutes before President Trump finished speaking. Talk about ‘putting the cart before the horse’. Justice is supposed to be about facts and truth, without politics. Cheney and McCarthy are both attorneys and they should KNOW BETTER !

  14. The military is in control since the election. President Trump will be back in office shortly. I have heard that military has already put Trump back in office. He is flying in Air Force 1. The military won`t let Biden in White House. He is using a Private plane,all fake!

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