McConnell backs Merrick Garland to serve as Joe Biden’s attorney general

For years, the name “Merrick Garland” has been shorthand on the left for the conniving methods of Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who blocked the judge from the Supreme Court in an episode that liberals never quite got over.

In a surprising — or maybe not — move, McConnell is backing the far-left judge to serve as Joe Biden’s attorney general, The Hill reported.

McConnell will support Garland’s confirmation

McConnell earned the lasting enmity of the left when he blocked Garland from the Supreme Court in 2016. Former President Barack Obama had chosen Garland to fill the seat vacated by the late Justice Antonin Scalia, who died that year.

McConnell called his move the “the most consequential thing I’ve ever done,” and his foes never let him forget it. Liberals would regard Garland’s seat as having been “stolen” by an unscrupulous senator. At the time, McConnell said that he was blocking Garland because it was an election year, and the episode resurfaced in 2020 when he led Republicans to rapidly confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

However, it looks like McConnell’s famous political hardball has its limits. He revealed to Politico on Tuesday that he won’t get in the way of Garland this time as he aspires to lead the Justice Department.

A vote is on Monday. McConnell would not explain his reasoning, simply telling Politico, “I do” support Garland’s confirmation.

For years, liberals called Garland a shoo-in for the Supreme Court, a perfectly qualified judge who McConnell shot down out of pure partisan spite and calculation. In his hearing this week, though, Garland raised some red flags.

Garland expected to sail, despite red flags

In one shocking moment, he confessed to not knowing whether it should be illegal for people to enter the United States without permission. He also said that he would not describe as “domestic terrorism” attacks on a federal courthouse in Portland by left-wing rioters this summer.

At the same time, Garland — who was involved in prosecuting the Oklahoma City bombing, the worst domestic attack in American history — vowed to make prosecuting the recent riot at the Capitol his top priority, calling it the “most heinous attack on the democratic process that I’ve ever seen.”

Garland left some, including Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Julie Kelly of American Greatness, concerned that he would play an active role in an apparent effort by Democrats to use the January “insurrection” to crack down on Trump supporters, who Democrats have compared to Al-Qaida for weeks.

However, he is likely to sail with support from prominent Republicans like McConnell and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who said Garland has a “very deep understanding of the threats America faces.”

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24 Responses

  1. Mc Connel just proves the old saying “ there is no fool like an old fool”! He clearly is an old fool, he needs to be removed as senate minority leader and a REAL Republican put in his place, sooner than later!

    1. I break this up to get it posted
      Well stated! The only difference between a New W orld Order esta blishment politic ian and social ist pol itician is NAME ONLY. All are TR AITO RS to the USA, EVIL PUP PETs of the N WO agenda ( and their master Lucif er/Sa tan), and enem ies of God and His people. I desire no one go to hell but they sure show who is their mas ter by the const ant e vil they do and especially how they delight in e vil and hat e when good wins. I cond emn no one but they better not d ie in their state of delight ing in e vil to gain po wer and cont rol over oth ers and defy ing Go d and His pe ople.

    1. He is a snake. Trump got him reelected. Trump had his back and he screwed him over. He is going to kiss any presidents butt that is in the white house. I will say he will have republicans wanting to kick him and chinese wife out of the country. He is going to kiss china’s butt just like biden. He needs to be impeached now. Him and the so called republicans need to be kicked out. If I was in congress I would keep them out of every decision that was made. He is going to look stupid when none of the republicans will stand behind them.

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  3. it makes me mad that McConell would do this to the people who have trusted him to represent them I guess he knows he is done in politics. It is a shame that he has let down the people of this country because he didn’t like one man get over yourself Trump did more for this country in four years then you have done in all your years in office

  4. McConnell is Certainly Proving His Arrogance and Stupidity Because of His Hatred for Trump. This Most Certainly is Going to Hurt the Republican Party to Make it More Divided and Cause Republicans to NOT Gain A Majority in the Senate.

  5. Michael, you are so right! Unfortunately the democrats are very aware of this, so they tend to grab the idiots, such as McConnell, who’s on his last leg, concerning viability to run for any office ever again after his vote to try our President after the fact, so they can have another voter for their PERSONAL GAIN OF POWER!! It would be amusing if it weren’t so awful that these Have-Beens really don’t know they are through and are just being used for the great leftists!! PATHETIC!!
    I believe President was very aware of the potential of this turn coat, and that’s why he didn’t play McConnell’s game!!

  6. McConnell is really deep state. Garland is a very anti 2nd amendment judge who will enforce all of Bidens anti firearm wishes. Big mistake to let him have the chance.

  7. McConnell is a Chinese sucker. He cannot do any better than what he is doing because he is married to a Chinese. What do you expect from a sucker. From the first time I saw that old man, I never liked him because to me he looks like the Devil, he talks like the Devil and he walks like the Devil, sooooo, what do you get from a Devil? I don’t know why they got him as a Republican Speaker when he his a Dem, from the very beginning but did not want to let anyone know. He is a REAL SNAKE.

  8. As long as McConnell has a leadership position in the Republican party I will not donate or support them.

    I will support President Trump in his endeavors.

  9. Hey MM, you better pack your bag buddy cause next time YOU WILL BE GONE!
    You are nothing but a hypocrtical whimp whom I wish had lost the last time BUT TRUMP AND A LOT OF US STOOD UP FOR YOU AND NOW LOOK WHAT A HUGE TRAITOR YOU ARE.


  10. McConnell is just proving he’s the traitor he’s always been. It’s just out in the open now….like the rest of the commiecrats. Thanks, Kentucky.

  11. Who does any one of these politicians work for??? Do they actually believe they are in charge and can just do what ever they like? Has any of these people asked any one of you, constituents, what you want him to do??? “NO!” They take it upon them selves to make these decisions w/o any thought for the “will of We the People!” Is that how “PAID public servants,” are suppose to act?
    Maybe it is time to remind them that they work for “We the People” and it is our will and our benefit that they are suppose to be looking out for. Not the will of the government or the democratic party! “We the People” do not want Garland anywhere near the capitol! He is to be rejected or McConnell can resign along w/ cheney and anyone else who disagrees w/us!

  12. Mitch has to go he is just another decrepit old fart that is absolutely worthless. Sometimes I worried if he knows where he is at?

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