McConnell condemns Biden’s early executive orders: ‘Big steps in the wrong direction’

It’s happening just the way you would expect, but that doesn’t make Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) any happier about President Joe Biden’s executive orders on his first day in office.

“On the Biden administration’s very first day, it took several big steps in the wrong direction,” McConnell said on the Senate floor Thursday, the New York Post reported.

Biden doesn’t “owe his election to the far left,” McConnell added.

McConnell was referring to Biden’s orders that included rescinding the permit for the Keystone XL oil pipeline and rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement.

Killing jobs, virtue signaling

McConnell condemned the Keystone pipeline decision as a useless, job-killing measure.

“The Day One priority was to kill thousands of American jobs, including union jobs, disappointing our strong ally Canada, and reverse some of our progress toward energy security,” he said.

“Because canceling a pipeline project just feels like the green thing to do, the new administration killed all these jobs,” McConnell added.

The decision to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement after former President Donald Trump’s withdrawal is nothing but virtue signaling on Biden’s part, as well as an attempt to resurrect former President Barack Obama’s rapidly sinking legacy. Most countries that are part of the accord are not meeting the strict emissions decreases they promised, and are in the process of revising their goals. Furthermore, while the United States takes a huge financial and economic toll from the agreement, some of the highest polluting countries in the world are not held accountable.

“As you know, China did not have to take any steps of compliance until 2030. India had no obligations until USD 2.5 trillion of aid was provided,” Scott Pruitt, the former administrator of Environmental Protection Agency said of the agreement in 2017, The Economic Times reported.

Global control

As Trump pointed out when he pulled out of the agreement, the Paris accord is just another step toward allowing global powers to tell the U.S. what to do.

Biden seems perfectly fine with submitting to globalist forces, even though doing so undermines U.S. sovereignty and our economy.

Time will tell if the United States will be able to recover its self-determination after being under the thumb of global powers for the next four years.

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  3. McConnell needs to go and go now. He does not know what is going on at all. He has teamed with Pelosi to ruin the country. Both of them along with Schumer Should be in a mental institution never to see the light of day again.

    1. I agree. Although this crook was re-elected by the citizens of Kentucky, they elected the known evil vs the unknown evil. Either way, they both were evil. However, it doesn’t have to be an election that takes him down. God works in mysterious ways. This man’s life is in the hands of God. (Good thing I am not God, I am not as long-suffering as He is).

      1. Belinda..this is what happens when the schools don’t teach the truth or adequately teach people HOW TO READ…. Do you really think that coal miners’ kids in eastern KY get proper teaching in the schools? (They get the democrat version of Mein Kampf…)

  4. Biden has lost what little bit of marbles he had when he killed the Keystone pipeline. That was an absolutely stupid thing to do! I can see now that our economy is going in the toilet with this nutjob in charge. In less than 3 days those who voted for him can see their BIG mistake.

  5. Biden has lost what little bit of marbles he had when he killed the Keystone pipeline. That was an absolutely stupid thing to do! I can see now that our economy is going in the toilet with this nutjob in charge. In less than 3 days those who voted for him can see their BIG mistake.

  6. I`m so tired of hearing about mitch the commie mcconnell, this guy is a traitor +Disgrace to every christian and conservative across this country,I wish he would pack up his gear in kentucky along with his commie wife and move to china where he belongs Paul the Jarhead 79-82

  7. don’t trust McConnell with anything unless you want to trust him with putting more of our money into his bank account same though with Pelosi and Shummer

  8. well McConnell is a traitor and SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS ACTIONS AS SHOULD THE WITCH POLOSI HER SELF AND ALL THAT DELIBERATELY HELP DESTROY A PRESIDENT THAT DID SO MUCH FOR HIS COUNRY and you will all know shortly howmuch they care about what there doingthey used Biden to get Kamela Harris into presidency and that JILL BIDEN should be ashamed of herself to allow them to use her husband a lot she cares about him she knows the man is not upto the stress of a presidency and she jsut a gold digger phony nobody whenshe doesnt have a husband (LIKE SHE CARES ) yshe will be able to sayshe was the first lady and she can add toput her husband to his death bed , sometimes a wife has to care enough to put him ahead of his legacy

    1. NONE! of these F’n bastards have one bit of shame. I just hope that all the a-holes that voted these pricks in are going to soon realize the idiotic mistake the made and that now WE ALL have to pay for it. THANKS leftist jack-offs!!!!!

  9. 75 million citizens voted for Trump because he is not a part of the good old boys club in the Republican Party. Mitch will be responsible for the downfall of the Republican Party. My vote will always go for Trump or if Mitch helps the demorats succeed in stopping him from running again, it will only go to candidates that Trump endorses.

    1. I don’t believe they can stop him from forming his own party , my vote goes to his party , and to h__l with the republicans and democrats and whoever is in the swamp !

  10. McConnell for some reason and some of the other traitor Republicans must have believed that 80 million people voted for Biden and only 74 million for Trump. They somehow think that those 80 million will vote for them if they put down Trump. This is all about a typical politicians agenda, and that is get elected, whatever they have to do. Sell out your family, your country or whatever you have to do, as long as you get re-elected. That’s the only important thing a politician thinks about. Trump was not a politician, he was a successful business man, who knew how to run a business just like he understood what this country needed, and that’s why the Democrats hated him so bad, It was against everything they stood for.

  11. Mitch McConnell is a traitor to our country. He and his Chinese wife has blood ties to communist China. His wife’s sister sits on the board of a communist bank in communist China and their parents own a big company in communist China. Blood is thicker than water. The old goat couldn’t find himself an American girl but had to get one with communist strings like Swalwell! They would have to put a bag over his head to be with him! He has strong ties to China and needs to step down ASAP!

    1. He will NEVER step down. GOD will have to bring him down and I am praying for that very thing to happen! I want to see judgment on all of these evil people! President Trump was the best President in my lifetime. I loved Reagan, don’t get me wrong, but he didn’t do a 10th of what President Trump accomplished!

  12. Notice to all republicans who vote to impeach President Trump : if you do this, kiss your political life goodbye! You will be primaried and hopefully kicked out of the party. Actions have consequences!

  13. Talk the talk does not excuse McConnell from doing the right thing for his Party in the first place, including not supporting the REAL President, Trump.
    With all your experience and savvy we needed you behind the GOP, convincing the RINOs to shut their traps in regard to being coerced from the Left. McCarthy increased his numbers in the House, why didn’t you in the Senate? No excuses and stop blaming Trump.
    I can’t believe you and some of your cohorts didn’t see this coming unless all of you were either compromised, afraid of losing your Position, or just plain lacking intellectual acuity.
    Please be advised the wrong Person is running the Country and you RINOs are directly responsible. Fix the fn thing now by stopping the impeachment and getting together with each and every GOP Member and work things out as a Team. Everybody has Skeletons, deal with them.
    People are losing Jobs and Covid hurts while the new Admin., goes on an American Citizen neglect expenditure tour outside the USA with Taxpayer money, YOURS. As the Elite cheer on.

  14. I’ve known that dems are and will always be out for themselves. Things are just getting started, the dems will trash this country then go home to their cushy lives on our money.

  15. Cocaine Mitch is a criminal. He has always been a criminal. His wife a CCP member. Get rid of him right along with Senate and Congress.

  16. Term Limits are needed whereas in our country, the politicians seem to spend a major part of their lives in Congress and in the Senate. Just take a look at them!
    Half are asleep! Whatever they say or do in the confines of the Capitol is protected. (Very interesting!)

    We’d have to be wealthy to form a group to establish a law to get rid of them. The majority of citizens are far from wealthy. Nancy Pelosi, the good Catholic, should be in prison for all she has done to harm so many people.

  17. Biden does not care about Americans all he cares about is his money grubbing Chinese commie Family they are as corrupt as can be send them to prison

  18. every democrat and every damn rino are traitors to this country and should be treated as such, i for one think this 1619 crap will lead to even more communist takeovers it must be stopped, they are trying to stop the 4th of july and i for one will protect the 4th till my dying breath, paul the jarhead 79-82

  19. Mc Connel can’t back pedal fast enough to get himself out of this! He betrayed our President, our party, our country! Now he needs to go! The first one out the door should be Piglosi, Schumer next then McConnell. Piglosi is doing everything she can to stifle the Republicans in Congress so they will have NO say in any legislation! She is a traitor worse than Mc Connell, she is totally unfit to be house speaker, a danger to our country, a national security risk! The longer she is allowed to stay, the more ridiculous “ rules” she makes! Congress needs to bring charges against her for dereliction of duty, impeachment articles, and take her out!

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