McConnell goes scorched-earth on Biden after he demands elimination of filibuster

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden, in a desperate attempt to encourage the passing of two voting rights-related bills, declared that the Senate filibuster rule, which has been judiciously used by both parties in the past when in the minority, be eliminated.

According to the Washington Examiner, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was understandably ticked off at the president’s suggestion, calling Biden’s remarks “profoundly unpresidential.”

McConnell’s criticism came after the president made extremely inflammatory and accusatory remarks concerning the usage of the filibuster rule, even going as far as intertwining the race card.

“The filibuster has been used to generate compromise in the past and promote some bipartisanship,” Biden said on Tuesday during a speech in Georgie. “But it’s also been used to obstruct — including and especially obstruct civil rights and voting rights.”

McConnell fires back

The Senate Republican leader took to the podium on the Senate floor Wednesday and fired back at the president after linking the filibuster rule used by Republicans, as any minority party would use, to “Jim Crow 2.0.”

“Sen. Biden was right about the filibuster, and President Biden is wrong,” McConnell said, referring to the time that then-Senator Biden aggressively defended the filibuster rule while his party was in the minority.

McConnell also expressed disgust that a sitting president would characterize opposing the end of the filibuster rule by linking those who oppose such a move to segregationists or Confederates, both of which Biden said during his speech.

“He compared a bipartisan majority of senators to literal traitors,” McConnell said. “How profoundly unpresidential.”

Even though Biden and his administration have resisted calls from the radial elements of the Dem Party to eliminate or cripple the filibuster rule, apparently desperation has taken hold, as Biden and his Democratic allies took a major loss in not being able to pass his legacy-level Build Back Better legislation last year.

Good luck, Joe

While Biden has now essentially thrown down the gauntlet, as far as urging congressional Democrats to attack the filibuster rule, it doesn’t appear as if he’ll have much luck in doing so, as it would require all 50 Dem senators to be on board with such a plan.

Fortunately for the rest of us, moderate Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin (WV), and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) have both firmly resisted the idea, and continue to resist, crippling any thought of taking the action.

Hopefully, those two Democrats, and potentially a few others, remain steadfast in their decision to keep the filibuster rule. They must be the only Democrats in Congress who realize that as soon as January 2023, when they’ll likely be the minority party in both chambers, the filibuster rule will be their only hope.

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