McConnell hints at impeachment support, says Trump ‘provoked’ Capitol Hill rioters

Even before former President Donald Trump left office on Wednesday, Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) signaled his impeachment plans to members of his own party.

On Tuesday, McConnell hinted that he might vote to convict Trump in the unprecedented second impeachment of a president — or in this case, an ex-president.

“This mob was fed lies”

The Republican leader’s latest remarks make it crystal clear that he lays at least part of the blame for the Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill on the president’s rhetoric beforehand.

Trump was impeached in the House of Representatives a week before his term in the White House ended with the help of a handful of GOP lawmakers who voted alongside Democrats.

That effort made Trump the first commander in chief to face the prospect of a post-presidential impeachment. Trump’s foes, reportedly including McConnell, see the move as necessary to ensure that he does not mount another run for federal elected office.

In remarks from the Senate floor this week, McConnell added to his prior remarks, stating that the outgoing president “fed lies” to his base regarding alleged fraud in the November presidential election.

“This mob was fed lies,” he asserted. “They were provoked by the president and other powerful people, and they tried to use fear and violence to stop a specific proceeding of the first branch of the federal government which they did not like.”

“It is bad for the country”

While McConnell is rumored to favor a plan to “purge” Trump from the Republican Party, his view represents the minority within the GOP, according to polls.

In fact, several prominent Republicans have spoken out against the Senate leader and others in the GOP who favor impeachment.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), for example, said the effort would “destroy” the party.

For his part, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who hewed closely to Trump over the past four years, insisted that it is necessary to move on.

“What we need right now is for Sen. McConnell to unequivocally say that the second impeachment of Donald Trump after he leaves office is not only unconstitutional, it is bad for the country, and stand up and fight back,” Graham said.

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56 Responses

  1. McConnell is the reason why Hillary, Obama, and Biden are getting away with the crimes they have committed. Instead of trying them for treason, McConnell goes after the only man who put our republic first. Time to build the gallows and punish all those who are committing treason against this nation and its people.

      1. Yes, crush the Republicans..We want a certain few who were truly Patriots. I now refuse to send any $$$ to party , will give only to certain senators and congressmen. We KNOW WHO THE TRASH IS ..


      2. Wait a minute, there may be another way of looking at the problem like it is a repeat in history. The Senator who is dragging Trump to court on false charges on Feb. 8, is Chuck Schumer now listed on the internet as: ‘The highest-ranking elected Jewish official EVER”, They did that to Jesus too, didn’t they? We guess Trump has to pay for attempting to represent Christian values in today’s society. Only this time I believe that God plans to intervene and angerly stop their stupid plot. Enough is enough! Too bad the rest of us are going to have to put up with more viruses, earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc until this is over, but it is promised; we will survive.

      3. I agree. I’m doing it. Next time around I’ll write in DONALD JOHN TRUMP and snap a photo just in case. Unless they exterminate us first

    1. You are so right, Lindy. All we can hope is that one day, and it will come, that all those treasonous members of both the house and senate will be brought to justice for their crimes.

    2. just another person who thinks he is so smart that wont leave the Senate –term limits are the only way to RID THIS COUNTRY OF ALL THE HANGIER ON that never should have more than one term– Mitch is one of them —

  2. Remember the names of all treasonous bastards the next election cycle. Not one person has explained to me how counting 15 million more votes than actual voters signifies an honest election. Until I hear how that’s possible Joe & Kamaltoe will be treasonous usurpers of their offices. Revisiting K Harris; she is patently ineligible for any federal office since she is a birthright anchor baby citizen. Look to the Constitution for the qualifications. Biden himself my be disqualified due to known criminal actions as yet unindicted. He is a wanted felon by Ukrainian prosecutors for corruption & money laundering among other crimes.

    1. I agree, where is the accountability for these people? What about Harris collecting funds to pay for bonds for the antifa and blm so they could be released to do more damage.

      1. Obama signed an EO saying that all the dems would not be held accountable for their crimes. Thats how they have gotten away with all the crimes agains the 🇺🇸

    2. Wow and the people didn’t know that about Biden: criminal actions. He is a wanted felon by Ukrainian for corruption & money laundering. Why isn’t he in JAIL?

    3. We have to take control of the voting machines and then no democRAT will ever win again. Complain to the courts and, NO STANDING ruling.

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  4. McConnell is making enemies on his own side of the isle. Well, what side is he really on, really? I still get plea’s from his site to help save our majority…..he plays both sides. How would he vote if we needed him too? We can take the House & Senate next year if we take care of some business. Fix the election process problems, which means those States have to step up too, file everthing we can about that. Stop these violations of Free Speech, it’s really obvious & they have no right to keep us from speaking or communicating freely. Surely the Supremes would take that. Let’s start now, yesterday, resist these illegal, un-Constitutional attacks. Don’t let Dictators take us now, the majority did not vote for Biden. Even the few that actually did probably don’t understand Biden is Obama.

  5. It is time for these Reps that have hated Trump from the beginning to leave office with their lies. In the first place, I heard Trump’s speech before moving forward and he asked for peace. Pelosi and the Dems have more to do with the riots happening they are the ones causing more problems and the Rep. That have hated Trump from the beginning. They are the 9nes that should be impeached.
    As for the elections, Trump is right on the money, it was fraud and the proof is out there.
    There are only acertainfewthat want to work for us, all the other politicians are either crooked or work for their better half, motor ourbetterhalf. Very difficult to trust anymore

  6. Biden stated,”We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the History of American Politics!” Admitting his party committed voter fraud. He should be impeached with Harris!

    1. This was said on line but we cannot overcome his fraud machine Really hope that the Republicans can get rid of traitors to the party like McConnell he must have made his fortune and be ready to leave the Senate since he had betrayed the Republicans and Trump

    2. I saw that and the words came from him. Why isn’t this enough to keep him out of the presidency? Where is our law enforcement? Are we a banana republic now!

  7. get rid of him too. KY needs to remove him, censure him as well and then find a way to remove him from office before he can do any more damage. He’s a turncoat, running with whatever party ensures he still has power. This makes me sick.
    I have lost all trust and respect I had for that man. such a shame.

  8. Joe is calling for a purge of conservatives in America antifa is along with BLM which is black panthers renamed the milatant groups of the Democratic Party my flag is upside down for our country has been taken over by communists under China influence by a president who’s been bought and payed for by China they’re here in our country now

  9. McConnell, You better look into the constitution, read it and absorb it. It states that you cannot impeach a President when he is no longer in office. Also its nice to see your true side in 180 degree turn in support of of a President now that he is out of office. READ HIS SPEECH AND IT HAS NO WORD IN HAVING RIOTS AT THE CAPITAL.

  10. McConnell needs to compare his new approval ratings to Trumps. Elephants don’t forget and might stampede he and the rest on their way out! He’s part of the swamp!

  11. I have already sent a letter to the republican committee saying that I will not contribute or support any republican candidate that is not endorsed by Donald Trump. In my mind the republicans of the the old boys club are almost as much to blame as the democrats for the failings of our country.

  12. What with the useless trio in place, McConnell,Biden and Schumer, America is once again the laughing stock of the world! Well, if I wasn’t crying so hard I would be laughing at us, too! Pathetic state of affairs! Let’s start getting the $154 billion dollars ready again for Iran. We should have it on the plane by midnight tomorrow! I’m learning Mandarin as I’m writing this as it will be proclaimed as mandatory within the next 98 days! Oh, yes a x the second coming of the impeachment! Get a life all of you. Start doing something to help this administration do right by America.
    Oops I forgot we are back to the Obama era with a twist! May God help us!

  13. McConnell is a turn coat. If it was not for Trump, McConnell would not even have a job.
    We need to remember that McConnell’s wife’s family runs a shipping line in China, and if McConnell does not follow through with the second impeachment, the China will probably take it out on her family. Neither here or there, McConnell is a back stabber. McConnell needs to go in 2022.

  14. Mitch, Let’s see the lies. First, let the pubic see the true and verified audit of the election. Trump did not lie. Congress is guilt of a Coup and cover-up of the election results. Stop the BS.

    The PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY KNOW THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN BY BIDEN, DEMOCRACTS AND RIHNOs. You are a big part of the problem in the party. You speak with fork-tongue

  15. McConnell NEEDS to go home! That was not a MOB that invaded the Capitol. They were true Americans. The violent ones were not of the same mind set of Trump and there are 74m plus of us. Enjoy your tenure with the leftist – it may be your last term.

  16. Why does it appear that true Conservatives and Republicans seem to always have to take the hit before they wake up? Everything that is happening is predictable and was really put into motion by ‘Pappa’ Bush (actually before that, but that is a different stream). It is naive to believe that the Bush’s agenda was not ‘one world government’ as well as the Left’s. It may well be too late to finally “wake up”. It will be a long time (if ever) before the left will relinquish POTUS and Congress. Biden was in office mere hours before he killed 11,000 (+/-) good paying, skilled jobs by halting the Keystone XL…..mostly UNION jobs, at that (poetic justice??) Stand by for SCOTUS stacking, taxes, stifling of free speech, etc……etc…..etc. Never thought I would witness the fall of the Republic in my lifetime………SO sad…… Hang on for the ride Skippy!!

  17. 2021 mission: What we all need to do ,rather than criticize McConnel and others , is to flood their offices with repeated mailings expressing our opinions They’re not going to see it here

    Just a thought..

  18. They go after the only man that worked for free, bet Biden will not. Trump wanted to help all the people and they want to go after him because of a rally he had. Now you have a brainless wonder in the white house for a day and a half has DESTROYED 11,000 Jobs with a pen. And he want to unite all of us what a bunch of BS. I am not proud of our country right now and things will go down hill so fast. Better hold on to as much money as you can folks because the brainless wonder in the white house is coming for it fast. Free speech is going away with big tech running every thing and no one can stop them. I am sure the DEMS will just let it happen without care in the world. The biggest thing people will remember about 2020 it was the year of the rigged election and a year of the fraud

    1. ‘Let’ it happen sir?? The Left will make SURE that it happens. Looking at some of Joe’s appointees it is clear that Big Tech is already in the White House. The only remaining unknown is; When will Big Tech have to no longer hide in the shadows and be given free reign?

  19. Mc Connel has shown his true colors! What a back stabber, after President Trump helped him get re elected! People of Kentucky need to recall him, get him out! And the rest of the Rinos like Liz Cheyney, mitt Romney, klobuchar, and others who do NOTHING but obstruct! We need good patriots in their place, if the Republican Party hopes to continue! I hope President Trump does start another party, i’m All in on that! True patriots, not fakes! Go MAGA!!!!!

  20. You have to admire the democrats.
    I admire how they all stick together, thick and thin and are true to those within their party.
    However those Republicans on the other hand have no allegiance to those in their own Republican Party.
    And have no balls to stand up to Nancy Pelosi who is gifted with biggest balls of all, unlike Mitch.
    Sadly Mitch is a turn coat.
    More D than R

    1. I want to see the Senate trial. 1st witness. Why were you at the capital peace fulling protest? Answer: To protect the STOLEN election! Yelling from RATS!!! strike that answer! 2nd to 100 witness. Why were you at the capital peace fulling protest? Answer: To protect the STOLEN election! Yelling from RATS!!! strike that answer! President Trump will show the Man in America video. RATS!!! strike that video! President Trump will give each senator a copy of The Navarro Report. Chuckey and Nancy will rip it up!

  21. He feels that he has to make it impossible for him to run again! He doesn’t dare leave it up to the people, because they might elect him again, and he’s afraid that he can’t control the next election!

  22. The long time Rino is the person that should be impeached or resign. He’s making stupid statements like him threading our Great President with impeachment if it offended this old Rino that that pisses real Republican and want him removed from the leadership. Every Republican should call their Senator and demand he be removed from leader and replaced by Senator Cruz or Hawley.teach this old Rino

  23. Mitch married China Girl Chow with a $5,000,000 gift in 1993 and shortly later, Clinton awarded the Chow family partners the Santiago naval base for their import/export’s. He should have had every security clarance pull and charge with treason.


  25. At this rate, every President should be impeached after leaving office.
    Pedophile Clinton. Warmonger Bush. Obama–too many to list!

  26. You people suck your boy killed 300,000 people gave up on us long before he lost,yes LOST and has no idea how to think of anything or anybody but himself.
    How does it feel to donate so he can pay Russia back😊😩😩


  28. I was a Democrat when they loved America and the American people.They are all for themselves now and do not care for America. I have been a Republican for 50 years and now I am ashamed of them as 10 of them voted for President Trump , who loves America and the American people, to impeach him. I have a decision to make after the outcome of the impeachment. but never again a Democrat.

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