McConnell, Schumer strike deal to delay Trump’s impeachment trial

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has reportedly struck a deal with his successor as majority leader.

The Washington Examiner reported Saturday that McConnell and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) have agreed to postpone the Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump until mid-February.

Striking a deal

The House voted 232–197 earlier this month to impeach Trump on a single charge that he incited an “insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol, according to NPR. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is expected to submit the article to the upper chamber on Monday.

But thanks to an agreement from McConnell and Schumer, the Senate won’t be rushing to take a look at it. A trial isn’t set to start until Feb. 9, the Examiner reports.

In the meantime, the Senate can continue working to confirm President Joe Biden’s Cabinet appointments, while Trump will have the chance to prepare a solid defense, as the Examiner notes. The delay also gives Democrats a chance to move forward on additional coronavirus relief legislation.

The deal comes after Senate Republicans had complained about proposals to split the upper chamber’s time between regular business and an impeachment trial. Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, said such an arrangement would have been unprecedented.

“If you want to impeach the president, we’re going to do it like we’ve always done it,” he said, according to the Examiner. “They’re choosing to do this. We’re going to do it the way we’ve always done it. We’ve never split the day.”

The future for McConnell

With that, the trial is set to start in just over two weeks. Schumer announced as much Friday, the Examiner reported separately.

Reports suggest that postponing the proceedings is what McConnell has wanted all along. But more than just delaying Trump’s trial, the move also delays a day of reckoning for the Republican leader.

The fact of the matter is that this trial may end up being more consequential for McConnell than the former president. While the senator has not come out in favor of voting to convict Trump, he also has not come out as against it — and recent reports suggest he may be leaning against the ex-commander-in-chief.

Such a move would put McConnell at odds with Trump’s supporters, who still make up a big part of the GOP base; during his last week in office, Trump had the approval of a whopping 87% of Republicans, according to NBC News.

Will a vote to convict Trump be the final nail in the coffin for McConnell’s political career? Only time will tell.

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38 Responses

    1. They are all a bunch of losers. Schumer and Pelosi has been trying to frame Trump even before he was elected. He had nothing to do with the riot. The Antifa and Black Lives Matter were all there . So which one of the Democrat paid for those Thugs to show up ?

      1. That is exactly right. This is disgusting. Mitch has gone to the dark side.
        I hope he is never elected again- he is a Rino

    2. And so does Plastic Pelosi!!! And how did Obama leave office a multi multi millionaire- hmmmmmm maybe lots of kickbacks from foreign countries!!!! Like IRAN???!

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  2. Climb into bed with these libtards and that will be all for you MITCH! Your deeply seated dumbocrat is showing for all conservatives to see. I was born a Kentuckian and we don’t mince words or forget a betrayal. Quid Pro Quo Pedo Buydumb and his puppet masters will try this unconstitutional mierda but if you buy in patriots will come down on you like a trillion tons of brick. Be forewarned, or you are out!

  3. If Kamala may preside over the impeachment for inciting a riot, who will be presiding over her trial for inciting a riot by saying last summer to the looters that they need to keep the pressure on and that what they were doing was “beautiful” ???

  4. They couldn’t make any deals when it came to helping the country ,but no no problem.When it comes to going after an American.citizen with false charges.

  5. Just the fact that he hasn’t spoken out against the impeachment should have started a movement to have him removed as minority leader. He is a back stabbing wolf in sheep’s clothing. He has worked behind the scenes to undermine Trump for 4 year. It is time for him to go

  6. True colors shining through! The voters in Kentucky should recall McConnell, he is a back stabber! Trump helped him get re elected, this is how he thanks him! Once a rat, always a rat!

  7. Mitch needs to be removed from his leadership position. He refuses to represent the people that voted for him, and his treachery will be his undoing, however he’s taking us all down with him.
    This yoyo game he’s playing with impeachment has all the earmarks of the Jan 6 2021 Pence’s Swamp Rebellion

  8. Is there any good Demo in office ? The double sided ones should be removed. Don’t vote for them anymore. They are TWO FACED. Most have also gotten nasty. All who voted for Biden & his lot are now sorry. Yea TRUMP he is coming back.

  9. It’s time for true Republicans to get rid of Mitch McConnel!!! He aka the Turtle has always been part of the D.C. SWAMP!!! Turtles live in swamps nice and cozy. Other Rinos like him and most democrats have been on the government’s teat long enough!!! Time to get off you are sucking it dry!!

  10. I live in kentucky and as much as i hate to admit it i voted for this scum bag but only because i thought he was loyal to Trump the old saying of fool me once your fault fool me twice my fault i can surely guarantee you right now he wont fool me twice , when he comes up for re-election i promise if i,m still around and it is the Lords will he will not get my vote, he has become the worst piece of vile crap and Kentucky people will remember him as such

  11. Those Lefties that voted for Biden have no reason to be concerned as he is doing everything according to what he said he would do, right?
    We Righties disagree and it’s with great empathy we feel for you the Left MSM kept you in the dark.
    Your decision to vote Left is certainly your prerogative, so live with those consequences and understand it affects us too. Have you learned your lesson, or are you still dumbfounded?
    McConnell, are you speaking for the Party or the RINOs?

  12. An impeachment is there to remove a sitting President from office if convicted, good news, President Trump has already left the office so how can you remove him now, he is not a sitting president.

  13. OK, so how many of the elected few in Congress understand that “YOU CANNOT IMPEACH A CITIZEN OF THE USA”!!! Pres. Donald Trump is no longer in “OFFICE”, he is now a citizen of the USA just like you and I! I won’t address any of the elected few in the “HOUSE OF REPS. or SENATE” as “THE HONORABLE” etc., etc. because they are all corrupt! Bought and paid for! They no longer “SHOW RESPECT TO US, THE CITIZENS OF THE USA”!!! They WORK FOR US, “THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”!!!! Not the other way around! STOP THE WASTE OF OUR TAX DOLLARS ON IMPEACHMENT! (PS- Fire Fauci! He is a total Failure and doesn’t deserve to be paid to lie to the CITIZENS OF AMERICA!!!!)

  14. Mitch may be listening to ms chow his chinese wife. Hopefully the next major highways will be built by American companies. RHINOS will do what RHINOs do and we just need to pay more attention to whom we put into office.

  15. If hateful, spiteful Pelosi delivers impeachment papers to the senate, she, McConnell & Schumer are going to need more more than the National Guard to protect them. I thought covid relief was the most important item to take care of. Apparently their hatred for Trump is above all else. Thanks Biden & Congress for build back better or is that just for the enrichment of the
    DC swamp.

  16. OUST McConnell & Schumer!!! DRAIN THE SWAMP. These corrupt people need to go!!! I hate to tell these two fools BUT: TRUMPISM IS HERE TO STAY!!!

  17. The senate should think real hard and didn’t let hate make them real stupid. Because there is a real chance that will break the camels and put a lot of politicians lives in danger of ever start a war. You think Biden can handle that, don’t think so. Poor fellow already has to have Jill put his underwear right for him. We are in a mess and the Democrats don’t need to keep looking for things to do to piss off Conservatives. Unity will never happen like this.

  18. There isn’t going to be an impeachment trial. Congress can’t bring charges against a private citizen which is the status of Trump. This is moot and a waste of time and money. Any Republican/RINO voting to impeach a former president can kiss their career goodbye. There are over 74M Trump supporters and they are watching the Republicans very closely. Re-track the articles of impeachment and more on.

  19. All above posts are right on target! Those scum bags need a lesson in humility! If ANY Republican votes to impeach, they can kiss their political career goodbye! They WILL be primaried and ousted in disgrace! Piglosi needs to be kicked out of congress, she is running amok, she is a national security risk and a danger to our country! The insane “ rules” she is making prove she is unfit to be speaker of the house, she is abusing her power and the speakership for her partisan whims! She needs to be gone post haste!

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