McConnell and Trump have not spoken since December, no plans for future talks: Report

It was fairly obvious at multiple points during the previous administration that there was no love lost between Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and President Donald Trump.

Now that Trump has left office, the gloves have effectively come off. In fact, reports this week indicate that McConnell does not intend to ever speak to the ex-president again.

GOP hopes for “cold war”

According to the Washington Examiner, the GOP leader’s position is part of an apparent plan to move his party forward into a post-Trump era.

Although McConnell voted to acquit Trump in the recent Senate impeachment trial, his subsequent remarks made it clear that he held the president accountable for stoking violence ahead of last month’s riot on Capitol Hill.

In response, Trump issued a statement denouncing McConnell as a “political hack” who does not deserve to be a leader in the Republican Party.

The Washington Post cited several unnamed GOP sources who expressed a hope within the party that the rift between the party leaders would settle into a “cold war” allowing Republicans to unify in opposition to President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats.

According to that report, however, the last conversation between McConnell and Trump came on Dec. 14 — the same day the senator acknowledged Biden as the winner of the previous month’s presidential election.

“He’d take the deal in a heartbeat”

Sources close to the to men say McConnell has no plans to speak to Trump ever again, describing even the unofficial lines of communication between them as “now cold.”

Josh Holmes, a one-time top McConnell aide, told the Post that he “would be very surprised” if McConnell even mentions the 45th president again.

“If you told Mitch McConnell that every single day he’d receive a love letter from Donald Trump excoriating his physical appearance and ultimately he ended up with the majority in 2022, he’d take the deal in a heartbeat,” Holmes asserted.

Trump’s letter this week attacked McConnell as “dour, sullen, and unsmiling,” going on to forecast primary challenges against establishment Republicans on board with the current Senate leader’s platform.

The former president explained: “Where necessary and appropriate, I will back primary rivals who espouse Making America Great Again and our policy of America First. We want brilliant, strong, thoughtful, and compassionate leadership.”

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34 Responses

    1. Absolutely…he has not taken his oath of office seriously. He helps those who want to destroy our nation (Dems) and shuts off those who say America First. EVERY government figure should want America to be first and do well. If they show they are not putting the needs of the American people first, it is time for them to go.

      1. Mr Lamb, McConnell only cares for his pocket book like most life time politicians , if i remember right, ole Mitch is worth over 37 million + probabily more. he was much more willing when President Trump was president.

  1. If the Republicans are smart, they will stick with Trump. Trump still has a tremendous following and a huge affect on elections. People know he was railroaded and have not forgotten that. Trump can do more for the Republican party in one day than McConnell can do in a year or more. People love Trump, very few like McConnell. Just saying. Right now, you NEED Trump and should be very happy that he is still willing to help.

    1. You are so right. The Republican Party is so weak and are filled with nothing but cowards. Everyday Biden is destroying this country yet they just hide under their little desks and say NOTHING. There are a very few Republicans who are doing, or trying to fight back but as a Party, they suck. Today, there are really noone in our Government who is fighting for the American People.

      1. McConnell is out to lunch and needs to resign. He stabbed Trump in the back and his statement about inciting the insurrection is contrary to the facts presented. He will not help us impeach Biden and Harris and has questionable ties to China. If anything he’s supporting the fake news media for his pocket book. Get rid of him ASAP. Go Trump!

      2. Well said!
        I believe 100 percent that term limits should be put in the ballot. Let us decide. The longer these greedy lazy lawless congress and senators are in office the more they hurt we the people!
        We have allowed them to hurt all of us!
        Let’s do this!!

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  3. McConnell looks like a fool –
    To vote to not impeach Trump & within minutes backstab him – can’t have it both ways Mitch – u blew it & ur nasty speech made u look so SMALL!

    1. McConnell needs to step diwn from GOP Senste leadership, NOW!
      He has stronger loyality to his old deep state buddies and family ties to China via his wife. He may represent KT if they wish, but no longer represents Conservatives.

  4. That should tell ALL republicans that Mitch is NOT on our side! Remove him as house minority leader in the senate! Put a patriot in!

  5. I agree with everyone that has already commented on this article. McConnell was the lesser of two evils. A good Conservative needs to start working on running against this CCP communist to get him out of office in six years. He was just elected again but he needs to RESIGN from his leadership role. He is no longer relevant. If he just fades into the sunset it would be fine with me. Never have liked him, and I have news for him – the Republicans are the part of President Trump – not Mitch McConnell. He is a RINO.

  6. Hey, wake up America!!! Like Biden, Mitch does a lot of businesses with China & his wife is Chinese. Doesn’t it smell something? Why are we keeping these swampy RINOs? Must vote them all out. They are pests to our society!!!!!

    1. If we’ve learned anything it’s that it’s no problem whatsoever to rig an election. Voting them out may not be so easy.

  7. mcconnell is working for the democrats, China and himself! His wife’s family owns shipping interests in China and I’m sure they have money ties with China! They have been losing money these past 4 years and hate it. It’s time now that mcconnell doesn’t have to fake it anymore so he will do and say anything to discredit President Trump! He is and has been part of the swamp all along. Paul Ryan is/was part of the swamp but chose to leave Washington but has fought against President Trump, America and Americans through his position at FOX. These two held up many more things that could have been accomplished during the last 4 years. They stalled on many votes until they were made to call for votes! They are both traitors to America!!

    1. Those who see the constitution and laws as an impediment to their seeking ever greater power and wealth, Democrats and RINOs, should never be voted for or reelected.
      Those who see the constitution and the laws as a contract that must be honored, like Donald J. Trump, are the people who deserve our votes and support.

  8. Why would Trump want to speak to Mitch? Mitch is a two-faced, backstabbing,
    low-life traitor. He can’t stand up for the republican party. He has to cave to the low-life democrats. You must not think very much of the United States to let the democrats destroy it. You know as well as we all do, that the 2020 election was rigged. And you know that the democrats had a hand in the capital riot. I you can’t stand up for you own party, you need to leave office. But, the way I see it and I think many people would agree, that it is too late for you, after what you have done. Time to resign, Mitch. You along with the democrats and rinos have done enough damage. You all have been in office way too long. Time to retire your old a**…..TRAITORS

  9. I agree. The republicans had the best in office and should have stood with him.
    He was the best and you guys had him and now you lost it all. Stand by your man. No Rhinos anymore.

  10. Mitch stabbed Trump in the back..after Trump gave his endorsement to get him reelected. Mitch’s ties are too entwined with China in every way for him to make correct decisions for this Country

  11. China Mitch and China Joe need to go not just office but Country they sold out to China that’s where they need to be with there whole family and John Kerry as well.Take all China spies with them Eric Swalwell and those inside the college’s purge our Country of the spies and illegal immigrants as well take back America

  12. The Republican Party Needs to Force McConnell Out and Get Organized to Answer to the Democrats With 100% Unity to MAGA. NO Contributions to the Republican Party Until All the Rhinos Are Gone.

  13. Some of you are asking for Mitch McConnell to retire/Leave the Republican Party. NO WAY is this traitor ever going to do either!! He will ride the coattail of whoever is running the best game (in his opinion!). Sooner or later he will get caught by someone “bigger and badder” than he is and LOOK OUT MR. TURNCOAT!! It will be interesting to see you squirm after all the misery you’ve just caused someone you aren’t even man enough to call friend!!
    President Trump never cared to put on airs; he just did the job we elected him to do and far better the the previous administration!!!

  14. Mitch is a RINO and has deep connections with the DEEP STATE!
    He should be a garbage collector in Kentucky!

  15. Mitch McConnell’s mind is gone like Bidens, they both are senile old goats. They are too old to make a decision that would outdo Trumps’ in making America Great. Old men like that without their faculties or women have no place in Congress or anything to do with politics, just like Pelosi. They been in office too long and think they have a right to power and to take over America and the people. When a person gets into office they should try to make things better for America, not worse, and not out tear down what was working right. They hold the highest honor in America and should be proud of America and do a good thing to make it better than the President before them. I guess that IS impossible with whom was President before Biden, laughs. Trump was the best and still is!

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