‘Never say never’: McEnany leaves door open for future political campaign

Earlier this month, former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany returned to the media spotlight when she joined Fox News Channel as an on-air contributor.

As McEnany revealed in her first interview since former President Donald Trump left office, however, she is not writing off the idea of running for public office.

“I love the American people”

Fox News host Harris Faulkner questioned McEnany on her potential political aspirations, and she left the door open, declaring: “Never say never.”

During her stint as the Trump administration’s top spokesperson, McEnany won numerous fans on the right by taking a largely combative stance against reporters.

Whereas her successor, Jen Psaki, has attracted criticism for avoiding direct answers, McEnany was typically prepared with facts and figures and did not hesitate to use them in making the case for her boss.

In addition to tackling personal issues like the “very tough” decision to have a double mastectomy, McEnany notably addressed her aspirations in the political realm.

“I love politics,” she said. “I love the American people… I’ve always wanted to be a voice for the 75 million people [who voted for Trump’s re-election], who I’ve grown to know and love and be a voice among many for them.”

“The headlines would have been egregious”

In any case, McEnany said that she plans to “continue to show fidelity to these great people” she believes “make up the backbone of our country.”

During a subsequent appearance on the cable news network, McEnany weighed in on Psaki’s performance thus far in the administration of President Joe Biden, including her assertion that media coverage has changed since her days in the White House press room.

“She was asked what Joe Biden thought of the Antifa riots, and her answer was that she hadn’t spoken to him,” she said of a recent exchange between Psaki and reporters. “If I would have given an answer like that, it would have been unacceptable, the headlines would have been egregious and appalling.”

If McEnany does decide to throw her hat in the ring, she would not be the first Trump White House press secretary to do so.

Her predecessor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, is mounting a bid to run for Arkansas governor and has already secured Trump’s endorsement, as Fox has reported separately.

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15 Responses

  1. Let us know when and where Kayleigh McEnany will run for congress. What State? What position – Senate or House? I a with this smart woman – what a contribution she would make to the Republican Party.

  2. She should run for Governor of NY! Easy win! Those people are sick of corruption, high costs of rent, food, and taxes. NY is nearly a “cali”, people are leaving in droves. McEnany would restore NY to it’s prior glory, support police, and bring back residents and respect. If not governor, perhaps NYC mayor! She would be transparent and a great elected official.

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  4. She can come to my state she is to smart not to be in politics for the American people I think she’s great whatever she chooses to do

  5. I think this is wonderful for both these wonderful women. They have what it takes and people are sick of the clowns who are holding different offices now! They would have my vote!

  6. Kayleigh McEnany and Sarah Huckabee Sanders are both EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT. It will be Great for America and the American People to have these Refine, Smart, Honest, women as our Leaders, because they both LOVE AMERICA AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  7. I hope that she does run for public office, in any capacity. She is super smart and personable and “will” be good for the people as well as tenacious in dealing with “clowns in the media”. I wish her well and successful.

  8. I would love to see her run for Congress. She would be a good representative of the people and by the people.

  9. GOOD ! She will win hands down when she runs. I’m very glad to see this coming . Kick the democrats out of office.

  10. I would love to see her run! Maybe for congress or senate, either one would be good. We need more like her running! Get the old, tired, Useless ones out and get new blood in! She would be a bonus anywhere!

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