McEnany slams media’s ‘journalistic malpractice’ in ignoring ‘Obamagate’

President Donald Trump’s newest White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, seems to be cut from the same cloth as her boss in terms of dealing with hostile media — and she often succeeds in flipping journalists’ loaded questions right back at them.

A prime example of this occurred on Tuesday when McEnany accused the White House press corps of “journalistic malpractice” for repeating coronavirus-related questions while ignoring the damning information revealed in recent weeks about the Obama administration’s efforts to sabotage the incoming Trump administration, as the Washington Examiner reported.

Challenging the narrative

That direct challenge to the integrity and objectivity of the mainstream media came during an appearance on Tuesday morning on Fox & Friends, during which McEnany was asked about the reaction to questions she’d posed to the press corps during a briefing on Friday.

It was during that event, at which President Trump had declared houses of worship to be “essential” and urged governors to allow their reopening, that McEnany was hit with a flurry of questions all focused solely on that single topic.

After she repeatedly answered the same questions that were only worded slightly differently — and implied, perhaps accurately, that some in the room didn’t want to see churches reopened — McEnany flipped the script and asked a series of questions of her own about the Obama administration and what had been done to “get Trump” and destroy now-former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Answering her critics

McEnany was asked on Fox & Friends about the reactions over the weekend to both her insinuation about reporters and churches as well as the series of uncomfortable questions she has posed about the Obama administration. She was asked directly by co-host Brian Kilmeade if she was casting doubt upon the religious beliefs of the reporters.

“No, I never question the religious beliefs of the press,” McEnany replied. “Many of our journalists are great men and women of faith and differing faiths, whether it be the Jewish faith, the Christian faith, the Muslim faith,” she added, according to the Examiner. The president’s top spokeswoman went on:

What I was saying was, I was asked 11 questions as to why churches would be allowed to reopen. It was a bit peculiar to be asked these 11 questions in a row, and for the onus and the focus to be solely on why churches should be essential. I’ve never been asked why a liquor store was essential, so I was merely pointing that out.

Turning the tables on the press

“And to the point about questioning the journalists and asking why they’re not asking certain questions, I field hundreds of questions a day — journalists are not above being questioned themselves,” McEnany said.

She continued: “Journalism is a great and noble profession. But there’s been a dearth of journalists asking the real questions for President Obama, the criminal leak of Michael Flynn’s identity, who leaked that identity, the dossier which was used to launch a three-year investigation into this president and spy on his campaign — why aren’t those questions being asked?

“It’s journalistic malpractice not to ask those questions…but where is the lack of curiosity from the current press corps?” McEnany added, according to the Examiner. “There’s an extreme lack of curiosity at play.”

Watch McEnany’s full comments below, courtesy of Fox News:

The bottom line

Aside from posing biased and loaded questions, a key tactic by which the media furthers its own preferred narratives is by neglecting to raise certain topics altogether.

Fortunately, Trump and McEnany have grown wise to that strategy and have flipped the script on the media by openly discussing critical issues in a way that forces the media to address them — and it is quite a sight to behold when the media establishment is beaten at its own game.

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