Leftist activist Rose McGowan slams impeachment as a ‘mass distraction’

Democrats are charging full steam ahead with the second impeachment of Donald Trump, with many establishment GOP figures jumping on board for the ride.

However, some on both sides of the aisle are warning that initiating another divisive impeachment process at the beginning of President-elect Joe Biden’s term could be highly destructive. Famous liberal actress Rose McGowan is one such dissenter, calling the push “cult propaganda” for anti-Trump leftists, as well as a “mass distraction.”

Operating as one

Democrats tend to operate as one, especially where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) leads. No matter how outrageous her decisions are, her iron grip on the party typically prevails, as evidenced by the last harebrained — and ultimately failed — impeachment attempt in 2019.

However, McGowan is not a part of the House, and though a dyed-in-the-wool liberal, McGowan appears to see right through the rhetoric surrounding the second impeachment and has exposed it for the political drivel that it is.

“This impeachment is Cult propaganda,” McGowan tweeted on Thursday. “A theater of mass distraction. US cult members on the left will cheer, those on the right will be in a fury. And the country’s starving, sick & poor will sink farther & farther,” adding sarcastically, “Good thing the Elites are leading us!”

Conservatives and liberals have historically had little-to-nothing in common, but the manipulation by both the Democrat and GOP establishment of the American public in recent months gives the two ideological factions common ground.

McGowan is the originator of the “Me Too” movement, revealing in 2017 that movie mogul Harvey Weinstein had sexually assaulted her a decade earlier and that Hollywood elites were complicit in helping the now-disgraced producer cover up his extensive crimes.

Elites reverse course

In contrast to McGowan’s statement, most of Hollywood has enthusiastically thrown its weight behind the impeachment push, with many issuing press releases supporting conviction and removal of Trump and even more drastic actions such as the imprisonment of Trump.

The elites have shown their hand with the second impeachment of Donald Trump more than ever before.

Prior to last week’s riots at the Capitol building, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat establishment were insistent that the GOP is responsible for the economic suffering of Americans because of their refusal to approve Pelosi’s coronavirus relief plan.

Pelosi used Americans as a bargaining chip, insisting that her only priority was helping suffering Americans and business owners. As soon as Joe Biden’s election was certified, suddenly, coronavirus relief is the farthest thing from Pelosi’s mind.

For months, the left championed the election of Joe Biden as the only solution to the growing ideological rift in America — a rift that they most certainly created and exacerbated — and immediately turned around as soon as that goal was achieved to continue attacking Trump and his supporters more than ever before.

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27 Responses

  1. For once you finally speak the truth, but it doesn’t matter. You jumped on the far left train and helped divide people in this country even more. But honestly who are you? Your nothing to me or to any other American. Only your family loves you.

  2. Trump won the election fairly. How can the Democrats sleep at night knowing what they did. I am of course talking about those in power because not all democrats are bad. They want a fair election. If Biden won fairly I would be angry but I will support him that is the way it should be.

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    1. You are so right. And our country is in trouble for it, and will never be right again.
      Just wait till you see what they will do next.
      God help our country.

  4. A LIBERAL (prob Dem as well) who has a teeny, tiny spark of reasonableness…WOW! World coming to an end. Really, for whatever influence this woman may have (doubtful that is much now that she’s taken this stance) would that more of Hollyweird, heck, even the Dem Politburo and supporters got some common sense. One reason we who’ve supported Mr. Trump is that, for all his sometimes grandiose rhetoric, his reasonable vision for ALL Americans drew us in. Don’t have to like the personality to LIKE the programs, I say. Nice if the Dems, rest of Hollyweird had more like Ms. McGowan, but not holding my breath…

  5. Someone with some common sense on the Left. Naw, can’t be, there must be a hidden agenda behind that truth.
    Is this the start of things to come, or is it the same old, same old rhetorical rope-a-dope?

  6. Still waiting for all of Biden’s “plans” he claims are better than our president’s.
    He is probably not too worried about it since he divulged that he is now
    expected to “become sick” so Harris can take over.
    The American people will probably be begging Trump to come back SOON!
    Then the demos can take continue to take credit for his genius work

  7. The major difference between a democracy and a republic is that a republic is a form of government whereas a democracy is an ideology that helps shape how a government is run. Put another way: a republic is the system of government that allows a country to be democratic!
    We are letting a process run the people and the government.
    whats next interment camps?

  8. China is already here! And our country is in jeopardy due to piglosi’s political antics! They all knew beforehand that people disguised as a Trump supporters were going to hit the capitol building! Blm and antifa operatives were hired to do it, so Piglosi could use it to pull another sham impeachment! SHE is the “ skunk in the woodpile”, always has been! She is a threat to our national security and our country! She MUSt be removed, before her evil plan can be carried out fully! If not, republicans in congress will have NO say in any legislation brought to the floor for a vote! Forget trying to impeach Biden And Harris, Piglosi would have to bring it to the floor for a vote( which she will NOT do) so she must be removed post haste! She is totally unfit to be speaker, she is abusing her power, usurping our constitution and our bill of rights, singlehandedly destroying our government and our country! Call your congressmen and senators, demand her removal!

    1. 🐷 losi is what the Demoncraps want. They’re wanting a One-Party system of government, just like Venezuela, Cuba and California.
      As California slips more into darkness, due to the failed leadership of the Left. Rolling blackouts and companies along with the tax payers leaving in droves.
      Hollywood and the Left do not want prosperity with the rank and file. They want dependants to the government, which is the only way they can hold power.

  9. Anyone who voted to impeach Trump is a TREASONIOUS TRAIDER & should be put in PRISSON. I am tired of these stupid games they are playing with my country, everything out of their mouths are lies, full of hate, double standards, hypocritical crap. I appreciate what Rose said & agree with her but when is anyone actually going to do something. the left is so far going it needs to be thrown out like bad garbage, on the right some are only working for themselves & all but a few are scared little children, lucky they were not around in the Revolution we would still be paying England taxes. We need to stop the madness NOW!

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