Dana Perino: Media covering ‘boring’ Biden while ignoring extreme policies

Former White House press secretary and Fox News personality Dana Perino pointed out a revealing irony in how the media is treating President Joe Biden compared to former President Donald Trump.

Although portrayed as “boring” and moderate, Biden is pushing “extreme” policies that warrant close scrutiny, The Five panelist said, according to Fox News.

Controversial policies get a pass

In his first week in office, Biden has made a number of consequential — and radical — decisions, such as canceling the Keystone XL pipeline and promoting the inclusion of men who identify as female in women’s sports.

Instead of talking about these and other controversies, a sycophantic press is giving Biden glamorous coverage that focuses on trivialities like Biden’s favorite flavor of ice cream, Fox co-host Greg Gutfeld said.

The host called out the talking point that Biden is making news “boring,” an impression he said is being manufactured by the media by ignoring bad news that might hurt the Democratic president’s image.

Gutfeld called Perino a “genius” after she noted that Biden is being portrayed as a benign moderate, but his policies are genuinely radical, while Trump’s “extreme” personality belied a largely conventional presidency.

“Joe Biden sounds boring, but his policies are actually kind of extreme if you go through the executive orders. President Trump’s personality was extreme, but his policies were actually, in some cases, pretty leaning right, conventional,” she said.

Stories get buried

Perino, who served as a press secretary for former President George W. Bush, said the White House is “not boring” but reporters are far too focused on their echo chamber at the expense of government policies that will have profound consequences for Americans.

She pointed to Biden’s move on transgender people in sports and his decision to end a price freeze on insulin that Trump enacted.

“Well, reporters, I do think that, one, it’s not boring,” she said. “Being at the White House is not boring, but they also focus way too much on the White House itself and not enough on the entire federal government. That is where a lot of big stories are and they get buried.”

The Keystone XL decision cost thousands of jobs and brought backlash from unions.

Biden continued to squeeze the fossil fuel industry Wednesday with more executive orders on climate change, including an order barring new leases on federal lands.

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14 Responses

  1. Funny you should mention that which has been going on for at least 12 Years.
    Waking up after twelve is bad enough, but still doing nothing about it is worse. Are you one of those, Dana?
    If you aren’t, then work Williams and Wallace over to no end without coming up for air. Their views are not ours and their mouth must be sore from pressing the lips on certain left derrieres.

    1. I don’t know the WHO, the HOW. the WHEN. the WHERE.. BUT.. something drastic has to be done about these people or we are not going to have a country!

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  3. I used to enjoy watching DANA but she showed her liberal side along with the other commie newspeople like WALLACE ,CAVUTO, Brazile Tarlov Harpf , LESLIE marshall ,who I really think endorses her own lies, it turned out to be a sad channel to watch, I only watch now at night when I`m up

    1. That stuff….(bringing in all the liberal talk and rebuttal ) is exactly what brought down FOX NEWS.. We don’t give a crap
      about their side… THEY have all the other FAKE news like
      Also their liberal leaning commentators ie WALLACE, CAVUTO

  4. There is so much misinfo out there right now that no news is good news ! My sincere hope is that TRUTH and JUSTICE will come to bring down the devils works before America is lost to the COMMIES for ever !

    1. a great thing to pray for, but half of congress would have to be in jail along with biden and phony too

  5. NEWSMAX fox changes sides also to change programming to late dropped from my TV I have watched fox from day one not anymore

  6. I always have likes Dana. But thought she was weak on replies about a lot of liberal party proposals or people..But she did work for Bush, and as we all know now he is not a real conservative. It is like she can’t really go against herself and how she really thinks. She’s very well liked in the 5 show by her colleagues. Hehe and Greg on the show are close friends and that shows. It’s like friends do , you agree not to agree.

  7. Biden has no brain cells left, so what he is signing into law is strictly from the Pelosi bunch! for god’s sake, the idiot said on national h had not idea what he was signing!! Is this not exactly what Nancy Pelosi said as she signed the Obama health fiasco–“I haven’t read it, but I have to sign it to get to read what is in it”!! Is anyone paying attention to what is happening to our country except the pathetic sub-humans who are doing their best to turn us over to CHINA?!!!

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