Media change tune on voting machines as footage of pro-Trump ‘security breach’ in Georgia surfaces

The mainstream media are suddenly concerned about voting machines being hacked after surveillance video emerged of an alleged “security breach” at an election office in Georgia by pro-Trump “election deniers.”

A report in the Washington Post highlighted the video as evidence of an elaborate right-wing conspiracy to illegally tamper with voting equipment.

Media change tune on voting machines

The report cites the involvement of local officials including then-chair of the Republican party of Coffee County, Cathy Latham.

The surveillance video shows that Latham was present, contrary to her past statements, when Trump-aligned tech experts analyzed voting equipment on January 7, 2021, at a local election office. The video emerged in a civil lawsuit alleging that voter data was improperly copied.

Latham’s lawyers say the “security breach” characterization is inaccurate and that it was “less of a breach or criminal undertaking and more of a permissible exercise of the County Election Board’s authority.”

The WaPo report contains an ironic passage that the alleged breach and others like it by Trump supporters risked “exposing the systems to hackers.”

Almost immediately after the 2020 election and ever since, Democrats and their media allies have dismissed those concerned with election integrity as “conspiracy theorists.”

Criminalizing doubt?

The media have also resorted to charged, tendentious rhetoric like “the big lie” to mock those with doubts about the fairness of the 2020 election, which came down to razor-thin margins in a handful of swing states like Georgia.

Biden and his allies have been putting the screws on Trump allies who played various roles in contesting the legitimacy of Biden’s win, including Latham, who is under investigation by Atlanta-based Democrat prosecutor Fani Willis and the Biden Justice Department for her role as an alternate elector.

Democrats have referred to these alternate electors, who submitted that Trump won the election, as “fake electors” and accused them of a criminal conspiracy. In 2016, Democrats similarly pushed for “faithless electors” in a failed effort to make Hillary Clinton president.

The “breach” in Georgia, which is also being investigated by Willis, was part of a post-election effort by Trump allies to investigate voting machine irregularities.

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell recently had his cell phone seized for his alleged role, and Latham is fighting a subpoena for her cell phone.