Media distorts trial testimony of prosecution witness exonerating Rittenhouse

If you have been following along with the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, then you know it has been made clear — from the prosecution’s own witnesses, no less — that the Illinois teen only fired his weapon in self-defense on that fateful August 2020 night amid riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

If the mainstream media is your only source of information, though, you have been misled through purposeful spin and deliberate omission of key facts and testimony intended to cast the defendant in a negative light, as evidenced by the coverage of the testimony of Gaige Grosskreutz, one of the three men shot by Rittenhouse.

The unabashed dishonesty of mainstream media outlets — with taxpayer-funded NPR being a prime example — was laid bare in a recent Reddit thread that exposed a blatant lie about Grosskreutz’s testimony.

NPR’s lie exposed

That thread began with a screenshot of a since-deleted Twitter post by NPR that claimed that Grosskreutz had been shot by Rittenhouse while “his hands were raised” as if to surrender.

The actual article from NPR was scarcely any better, as it went to great lengths to selectively pick and choose statements made by Grosskreutz under oath to portray him as a sympathetic figure unjustly fired upon an injured by an “active shooter.”

The article noted but downplayed the fact that Grosskreutz was armed with a handgun and persisted in perpetuating a narrative that Grosskreutz was an innocent victim of Rittenhouse’s aggression — which simply isn’t the case if one were to look at the entirety of his testimony.

Biased, dishonest coverage

Nor was NPR alone in pursuing the disingenuous track of portraying Grosskreutz as entirely innocent and Rittenhouse as nothing short of guilty, as virtually all of the mainstream media outlets did essentially the same thing.

One example is an MSNBC report that openly attacked and seemingly convicted both Rittenhouse and the judge in the trial while exonerating Grosskreutz.

Another example is a CNN report — like MSNBC and NPR, asserting upfront that Grosskreutz was shot while his hands were raised to surrender — which conveniently buried deep toward the end of the article several contradictions in that man’s testimony and his under-oath admission of where his hands and gun actually were at the moment he was shot.

What really happened

As it turns out, and as everybody would know if the media didn’t blatantly lie or obscure the truth with spin, is that Grosskreutz acknowledged that Rittenhouse didn’t actually shot him until he had lowered his hands and pointed his handgun directly at Rittenhouse, who was on the ground in a vulnerable position as Grosskreutz approached with gun drawn.

As the commenters in that video duly noted, that admission from Grosskreutz completely undercuts the prosecution’s arguments and makes it unmistakably clear that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense against the imminent threat posed against him.

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