Megyn Kelly’s sister dies suddenly at 58 of heart attack

Megyn Kelly shared some sad news on her popular podcast on Monday: her sister died of an unexpected heart attack at the age of 58.

Kelly told The Megyn Kelly Show listeners that her sister, Suzanne Crossley, had been in declining health for a couple of years.

Megyn Kelly’s sister dies

A visibly emotional Kelly said that she met with family in upstate New York over the weekend after receiving the “sudden and unexpected” news on Friday.

“It was really hard, it was extremely emotional. My poor mom, as all moms and dads out there know, this is not the order this is supposed to happen,” Kelly said.

Kelly said she returned to work on Monday because she finds it “cathartic,” but added that she would be returning to the Albany area on Tuesday for the funeral.

“I said to myself, ‘Do I come back? Do I do Monday’s show? Do I not do Monday’s show?’ And really like for me, it’s better to be here,” she said.

“Hug the people you love”

On her Sirius XM podcast, the former Fox News star is known as a skeptic of liberal media narratives on COVID, woke-ism and other topics.

Kelly said that her loss gave her an opportunity to reconnect with family and reflect on what matters in life.

The host encouraged her fans to keep their loved ones close — and asked for prayers for her grieving family.

“It’s just a reminder to hug the people you love, how short and tenuous life is, and how important it is to stay close to the people you love,” Kelly said.

“We get ourselves so upset over shit that doesn’t matter,” Kelly continued. “This is one that does.”