Dem Sen. Menendez pushes immigration bill denounced as ‘blanket amnesty’ by GOP leader

President Joe Biden has made it clear that he plans to undo as many of his predecessor’s immigration-related policies as possible.

According to recent reports, U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) has introduced legislation that, among other things, would create a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States.

What’s in the bill

For their part, Republican officials argue that the measure will lead to a renewed immigration crisis along the nation’s southern border.

As Fox News reported, Menendez has titled his bill the U.S. Citizenship act of 2021, and its language largely mirrors Biden’s views on the issue.

The Democratic senator is calling for an eight-year program that undocumented immigrants could complete that would ultimately result in de facto citizenship. An estimated 11 million to 22 million individuals could be eligible for such a pathway to citizenship.

Menendez’s proposal would also expand the green-card lottery system from 55,000 to 80,000, meaning an additional 25,000 individuals would receive a green card each year.

Children and spouses would be exempted from the allowance and farmworkers, individuals with Temporary Protected Status, and recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals would all immediately receive a green card.

“Creating huge new incentives”

Furthermore, the bill would eliminate prohibitions of legal re-entry for individuals who have previously entered the nation unlawfully. It would also allocate $4 billion to eliminating the “root causes” of southern border migration.

In order to pass an evenly divided Senate, however, the bill would need the votes of 10 Republicans. So far, it appears unlikely that Democrats could attract that level of bipartisan support.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), for example, referred to the bill as a “massive proposal for blanket amnesty that would gut enforcement of American laws while creating huge new incentives for people to rush here illegally at the same time.”

Nevertheless, Menendez believes his proposal is likely to pass, declaring that Biden “is leaning into” the idea.

“We do have a majority in the House of Representatives, and they move certain elements of this bill in the last Congress,” he said. “Then we have a narrow majority in the Senate, but it gives us three legs of a stool to finally try to make this happen, and I’m looking forward to working with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to achieve it.”

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28 Responses

  1. Menendez should be in jail but of course he is part of the untouchables. All of the democrats can do no wrong because someone covers up for them. They all should get impeached. They are ruining our country. They should all be put in jail.

      1. Don’t we have enough Americans that are homeless? Where are all these migrants gonna live? I’m sorry but Americans should come first. We need to get our homeless taken care of first. An then we could think about immigrants coming into America. Doesn’t that make more sense?

    1. The democrats when obama was in office I remember him saying how he hated the U.S.A and wanted to destroy it give it to the un and now the new regeim in washington is doing the destro U.S.A but they want to give to china c c p to take over

    2. Yes…I agree! Maybe the Military will recognize the Dem Party as our domestic terrorists and show their force soon??? We need to appeal to the Congress in order to save this nation…..and the sooner the better! We are permitted under the Constitution, to form militias when our government no longer serves us. Trump had the right idea of “America First.” That should be at the heart of every government official….it should be nothing new….but is common sense. (They also took an oath to do so.) The people have elected them to do their best for us…not any other nation….and not illegal immigrants who dare to defy our laws and cross our borders. We need to rise up and show how sick we all are of this disease called Democrats. They do nor speak for America…..and the faux President and VP do not either. They are despicable!!

    3. If the illegals will not obey our immigration laws what make him think they would obey all our other laws. When they come into our country as an illegal they are already a criminal. do you think we could get into Mexico, Guatemala or any other country that way?

    4. people should use their heads and stop voting them in i bet a lot of the voters are sorry now that voted for them if you didn’t like Trump why put the rest of this country in danger voting for Biden and Harris for all who have voted for them i hope you enjoy getting screwed like the rest of us are YOUR FREDON IS OVER NOW

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  3. Is Menendez trying to allow more cartel drug dealers in to the country. Isn’t he satisfied with staying out of jail himself. Honesty is obviously not his priority. Kickbacks before security is his slogen.

  4. Mike says he”s a crook and a democrat ,,well if you are a democommie in office you automatically fall into the corrupt category and it seems very few try to prove themselves otherwise,,they just keep digging the hole deeper

  5. The VP is dumb as a rock. Don’t you think that she is also having her strings pulled by the deep state. So the dems now want legal status for the 11 million or whatever it is ( no one really knows the number) in 8 yrs. During these 8 yrs millions more will enter illegally and they will also become of legal status. Very few will speak English or even want to. They will reap free benefits and oh yes, become new dem voters. They will take away many jobs and commit lots of crime and probably go unpunished. America as we have known it is gradually going down the tubes.

  6. hello everyone it is so sad to sit back and watch the usa go down the tubes and become a third world country. I just wish that people would open their eyes and see that the usa is going to be part of the global open society. No borders, everyone can come to the usa and the american tax payers will support them with money, usa jobs health care and so much more all free while the usa people are struggling. We have a puppet president where the country is being ri=ng by others. Biden can be the predient that made promises and broke them when in office. Where is the $2000 stimulus check he promised before election, why is he allowing gasoline prices to go through the roof and going higher this spring and summer. Some people are going to be pay $5.00 a gallon. He continues to people out of work, loose jobs and destroy famines along with killing all the babies he can in the world. The biggest population that has abortions are the african americans but yet they vote for democrats. Give me back trump, promises made promise kelp and a president through his actions believed and support the usa and american families first before outer countries.

  7. Our country is going ramped I agree with William. The Republicans need to get going with our help to restore our country. Biden and most all of the Democratics and the so called swamp we all know who they are should all be taken out of commission. Comeon people do you really think Biden (I won’t call him president) is really calling the shots? Take a look and see what is happening immergrents will become citizens and vote for the Demos. That is why Biden opened the gates. He does not care if they are criminals or drug dealers. As long as they vote for the demos. All of us who love this country need to start standing up and protest by keeping in touch with our correct President Donald Trump he is the only force to get us back on being GREAT.

  8. Trump for the house 2022 we need him for house speaker to drain the swamp till he can run for president 2024 Then take back America from the communist party in office now I’m talking China implants Eric Swalwell tip of the iceberg

    1. Larry! I agree and just with all the bad moves by biden already in such a short time it will take four more years of President Donald J. Trump to get back to where we were before the current pedophile and his puppet masters took over .

  9. Menendez is a Communist Jackoff as are most democrats. We should simply vote these America hating morons out and Presto problem is over. But they do have a lot of useful idiots supporting them.

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