Mexican president won’t wear mask after recovering from the coronavirus

Despite months of pressure to change his attitude on the coronavirus, Mexico’s president is sticking to his guns.

Andres Manuel López Obrador said Monday confirmed that he has no intention to start wearing a mask after recovering from the virus, Reuters reported.

Live and let live

López Obrador has taken a “live and let live” mentality to COVID restrictions, attacking lockdowns as a form of tyranny while refusing to wear a mask unless absolutely necessary. He has condemned the use of police force and fines to enforce restrictions.

His approach has been compared to that of former U.S. President Donald Trump and Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, who also faced massive institutional pressure to change their ways. But the Mexican leader has refused, saying he’ll do so only when Mexico eliminates “corruption,” which is kind of like waiting for hell to freeze over.

At his first press conference since recovering from a recent bout with the virus, he dismissed questions about whether he would wear a mask and “launched into a polemic” against his critics before answering the question, Reuters reported.

“No, no,” he said. “Additionally, according to what the doctors say, now I’m not contagious.”

“There is no authoritarianism in Mexico … everything is voluntary, liberty is the most important thing,” he added. “It is each person’s own decision.”

Contrarian president sticking to his guns

The Mexican leader recently drew attention for condemning Twitter’s decision to muzzle Donald Trump, a move that seems to echo in a contrarian attitude on masks and lockdowns that has rattled critics. His approval rating has actually gone up, though, according to a tracker by polling firm Consulta Mitofsky.

The virus has divided those who consider restrictions an imposition by the government and those who insist they’re backed by “science” and for the public good.

The controversy shows no sign of fading, as the likes of Dr. Anthony Fauci advise people to start wearing two masks for protection, prompting mockery and anger from skeptics.

López Obrador has left little doubt on where he stands, recently warning that the virus has revealed “authoritarian instincts” in some.

“A lot of them are letting their authoritarian instincts show,” he said. “Everyone is free. Whoever wants to wear a face mask and feel safer is welcome to do so.”

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18 Responses

  1. Wow! A leader actually that has some strength. Like President Trump, he confronted the corrupt people. Unfortunately CNN, MSNBC, Big Tech, and others get rewarded for lying and misinformation. What happened to holding standards to the Constitution? Knuckleheads need to reread their oath and the Constitution. Start taking responsibility. Let us put some college students in there that can tell right from wrong. Over educated politicians have as much common cents as an empty bank account which their entitled selves never had.

    1. I would recommend being so flippant regarding college students. The vast majority of college age kids are freaking morons. Taught an Brain washed by even larger morons,that call themselves professor.

  2. At least they have a president that say those words they are FREE if they want to go for it. I don’t care what government is saying now MASKS DO NOT DO A THING except hide your face like a someone going to Rob a bank store or gas station. 40% of Americans are STUPID. What angers me is health care providers know this but they encourages this behavior. Most people are doing what is DEMANDED of the free people AND EVERYONE IS STILL GETTING COVID. Just like we said back in April… It’s contagious and we’re ALL going to get it. Love your life 99.8% of us will recover fine. Sad for those who don’t. Death is sad whenever/however it occurs. THE GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR LIVES. WE THE PEOPLE didn’t ask for you to control us. STOP!!!!

    1. My mother in law who is retired but she was a RN all her life. She is also a liberal democrat. Did not vote in Nov. because she says she wasn’t voting for a pedophile and she won’t vote Republican, no matter what Trump did for this country. But this 85 year old woman says you won’t find me in a mask ever. She says, what healthy person wears a mask, she said those mask do more harm to a person’s body. She said all you need to do is two things take vitamins D3 and C, take Zinc and allow your body to build an immunity for the the corona virus. She said your body can not get rid of the C02 that it needs to, you are not getting the oxygen that your body needs and the germs that you body is trying to get rid of it is on the mask and you are just breathing them right back in. She said any doctor who is telling you to wear a mask, needs to lose their license. They took an oath that says 1st do no harm. She also said people really need to study who this Fauci quake is. She is a full blown liberal democrat.

      1. I’m in the health field as well, and I agree wholeheartedly with your mother in law about the masks, they are the cause of many a headache, fatigue, sinus/respiratory issues and yes the germs are on the outside of the masks which just serves to continue to spread it! People do not wear properly, they are not disposed of after every use, they touch them by pulling up pulling down, taking off, putting same one back on, put in pocket, purse, hang on the mirror. They get wet breaking down any barrier and then you breathe in your own CO2,as well as any germs on the outside -Dr Fauci is not a practicing medical DR he is only a researcher and a poor one at that! He is only in it for the money and I have no doubt he brought it here in the first place after all he was on Obama’s payroll and he is head of the Infectious Disease organization that was awarded $3.5 million to study at the WuHun Lab! think about that!

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  4. College students! Yikes, most of them don’t even know who attacked Pearl Harbor. Colleges are run by liberals who push their thinking onto these kids and yes I said kids!

    1. Yes, college students are very ignorant and mostly illiterate. They can’t string a coherent sentence together, can’t make change without a calculator and are very spoiled. They don’t know American History, geography or have any sense at all.

  5. So wonderful to see this and from the president of Mexico. Good Hooray, Thank You. As it stands now, I only wear one if I have to in a store but other times, I don’t cause I know masks don’t work

  6. It is refreshing to hear that the President of Mexico is not falling for a lot of the B.S. involved with the corona virus. Showing that he has a mind of his own and wants his people to have the freedom to do what they think is good for them.

  7. Hmmm…i wonder if he’d mind hordes of Americans pouring across their border clamouring for refuge from the democrats. Well…they say turnabout is fair play.

  8. A little secret Fauchi & buddy’s never wanted out. There’s a woman and her name is Judy M. She discovered cure for aides.They ruined her life. Prison for 5 yrs , no charges..threatened her family.. Took her down. They let 1000’s upon 1000s to die and Fauchi had stolen her cure and after above, he released it as his own cure.
    She’s out now but she wrote a book called plague of corruption. I wouldn’t trust anything that has to do with FAUCHI, Gates foundation, WHO…

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