Miami Beach spring breakers largely ignore evening curfew set by officials to curb large crowds

According to NPR, officials in Miami Beach, Florida are trying to prevent spring break partiers from becoming COVID-19 superspreaders by imposing new curfews to discourage large crowds from gathering — but its efforts appear to be futile. Young people reportedly crowded the streets and beaches over the weekend in defiance of the emergency order.

Officials announced the 8 p.m. general curfew and 7 p.m. shutdown of outdoor dining just hours before it took effect, which meant that presumably, a number of those who broke the curfew might not have been aware of the rules.

Still, those gathered in the streets persisted in their defiance by moving to the next block until police ultimately deployed pepper balls to disperse them, the Daily Beast reported. By midnight, the streets were largely deserted.

Given recent headlines about the state of Florida and its approach to the pandemic, it’s not a stretch to argue that some of the general public sees the state as having lax COVID-19 restrictions, but some local areas like Miami Beach still have mask mandates and other rules designed to curb the pandemic, which could catch some vacation-goers off guard.

Cheap Florida travel at fault?

Reduced-rate flights and hotels seemingly proved to be far too tempting for the spring break crowd, and they flocked to tourist beach areas of Florida — including Miami Beach — in droves to celebrate the coming of spring.

“Too many people are coming here right now,” Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber said on Saturday as he announced a state of emergency, according to NPR. “And too many people are coming here with bad intentions.”

Police arrested roughly a dozen people for refusing to obey the curfew on Saturday night, but that was merely a fraction of the hundreds they arrested last weekend during the peak of spring break season.

Last week, crowds brawled and used chairs from outdoor seating to cause chaos and destruction during the evening and nighttime hours. The smell of marijuana was heavy in the air in some areas, the Daily Beast reported.

CDC, Miami Beach residents concerned

While new case rates and death rates of COVID-19 have plummeted since January — both nationwide and in Florida — the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) remains concerned that increased travel and largely-maskless gatherings will lead to a resurging spike in new cases over the summer.

Residents of Miami Beach are afraid that the young party-goers will spread the virus and potentially place them in harm’s way as they simply attempt to go about their daily routine as residents living in the area.

However, many of those at the highest risk of picking up the virus have now been vaccinated as the U.S. recently passed the 100 million dose threshold, which means that the risk of them contracting a severe bout of COVID-19 is significantly lower than it was only a few months ago.

Undoubtedly, the fact that most students missed spring break last year due to the shutdown of college campuses, closed beaches, and the fact that most states had stay-at-home orders certainly plays into the frenzy of resurging activity this year.

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17 Responses

  1. What do you expect? These “children” have watched on NATIONAL TV, as the democommunist PAID, “antifa” and “black LIES matter” were basically “allowed” to destroy cities, ROB, loot, burn businesses, and murder , as the “police ” were told to “stand down”. SO I guess these “kids” are thinking they can do the same thing, and get away with it just like them. Demo-communists have opened this “can of worms” now the whole country has been FORCED to “deal with it” .
    FRAUDULENTLY “won” elections DO have “consequences” and you are seeing them NOW in REAL TIME.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the Antifa and BLM terrorists, who were involved in the violence last summer, aren’t part of these crowds causing chaos in Miami.

    1. TRY AGAIN. They will be a big part of it but it is the Congress and the WH. that are the ” super spreader”. Cliff thanks for your post. You are right on.

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  3. “Cheap Florida Travel” is not at fault! The fault lies with the out of control brats that think they can do and get away with whatever they want! Start arresting and let them spend their spring break locked up in a jail cell.Maybe that will get their attention!

    1. Maybe you can explain the difference between them and the riots that took place last summer that didn’t spread anything. Seems some folks want to think only one sided when it comes to this fake spreading news.

  4. Maybe Kamala Harris will post their bail, if they get thrown in jail. If anyone has a friend in jail. They should call Kamala for bail money.

  5. Everything about this country now is upsetting. The USA is being destroyed all around us. Corruption in Washington is out of control and the madness going on. GOD help this country. It is being run by Satan and his followers. The way we’re headed, world leaders are laughing and ready to take us over but we are more worried about cartoon characters!!

  6. Democrats get mad when American people are out having fun and enjoying themselves. Us commoners are not supposed to do that. Only the elite are allowed and the terrorist that the Democrats approve of for the moment to do their bidding like ANTIFA and BLM. Once they don’t need them anymore, they will eliminate them as quickly as they are trying to eliminate the white privileged in America which by the way includes 2/3rds of the population. Some of you that are not white skinned are included. Think about that for a moment. The thing is, if we do not do something about the current mess we are in, none of us will be around much longer. T

  7. We shall see how many more get sick and/or die. If not, we may accept a small increase like all the other yearly diseases. We have made a very effective vaccine. God loves all persons equally here and up there. Anyone can find God deep inside. The joy is endless. Far better than the satisfaction to misbehave.

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