Michelle Obama caught vacationing with A-listers

September 30, 2023

Former First Lady Michelle Obama was recently caught vacationing with a number of A-listers, including a shirtless Tom Hanks. 

The Daily Mail has published photographs of the outing.

According to the outlet, this is all part of the luxury European vacation that Obama has been enjoying over the past few weeks.

The photographs capture the group on a recent boat outing that took place off the coast of Italy

The details

In the photographs, Obama could be seen along with actor Tom Hanks, his wife, Rita Wilson, director Steven Spielberg, and Spielberg's wife, Kate Capshaw.

Earlier on in the day, the group can be seen taking a trip on Spielberg's $250 million superyacht to meet up with a smaller vessel. They then board the smaller boat and take that out to a location where they did some snorkeling.

The Daily Mail reports, "Michelle showed off her toned figure a white one-piece bathing suit for the outing. She paired the look with enormous shades and kept her braided hair pulled back in a ponytail."

It appears that Hanks was the only one to spend some time shirtless. The outlet reports, "Actor Tom, 67, started the journey off with a white T-shirt, black shorts, and a dark gray cap on. Later on, he took off his top, enjoying the second leg of the journey shirtless."

After snorkeling, the Daily Mail reports that the group returned to Spielberg's yacht.

The big question

It certainly does not appear, at least from these pictures, that Michelle Obama is gearing up for a run at the U.S. presidency in 2024.

This is the big question that many commentators have raised, namely, whether Obama might take the place of President Joe Biden on the Democrats' ticket in 2024.

Such speculation stems from the belief of many that, given the current mental and physical condition of Biden, there is just no way that he is going to seek reelection in 2024. Despite the fact that Biden and the White House insist that Biden will stand for reelection, there has been much speculation about who would replace Biden should he be unable to run. And, many have pointed to Michelle Obama.

Interestingly, former President Donald Trump has been one of the few to say that he does not believe this is a possibility. "I don't see that," Trump recently said, referring to a Michelle Obama presidential run in 2024.

Time will tell who is right about this scenario.

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