Michelle Obama dishes on Secret Service response to their PDA

 December 26, 2022

Michelle Obama recently shared some rare insights into how the Secret Service reacted to public displays of affection between the Obamas.

The former first lady shared the comments during an interview on "The Kelly Clarkson Show."

The situation

"The Obamas have candidly talked about hard times, too, and truly come across as a relatable and regular couple who are also parents of two girls, Malia and Sasha Obama," one outlet reported.

"Recently, Michelle threw light on another aspect of their life: PDA or public display of affection. While the couple does that a lot on Instagram by writing and sharing sweet posts, pictures and messages for each other, turns out they engage in PDA in their real life, too," it added.

The stories

The stories discussed in the interview are related to accounts in Obama's new book The Light We Carry.

The title has quickly become a national bestseller, offering a personal look on life for the former first lady after the White House.

The former first couple now has grown children and live in Hawaii. Though their days in office are over, the Obamas both continue to stay involved with their political party while largely enjoying life.

Michelle's future

The couple also continues to further their media empire through podcasting, filmmaking, books and appearances that add to speculation about Michelle Obama's future.

With low approval ratings for President Joe Biden and little other leadership emerging, speculation has loomed large over Michelle becoming the second Obama to run for the White House.

For now, she claims to be a firm no on the issue, instead choosing to tour and tell stories related to her latest book.

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