Michelle Obama jokes about life in White House, compares it to COVID-19 lockdowns 

Despite her consistent popularity across much of the United States, former first lady Michelle Obama has a habit of occasionally exposing her apparent elitist attitude.

As a recent example, a joke she told about the supposed constraints of life inside the White House is being widely criticized as tone-deaf.

“Like living in a nice older hotel”

During an appearance on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, Obama compared the eight years she spent as first lady to the isolation of quarantines and lockdowns that Americans continue to endure more than a year after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Her attempt at humor was part of her on-air conversation with host Trevor Noah regarding the relief and freedom she has enjoyed since her husband, former President Barack Obama, left the White House more than four years ago.

“Living in the White House is like living in a nice older hotel, where you can’t get out unless you call 20 people,” she said.

Noah went on to suggest that Obama was “living a sort of ‘quarantine life'” even before the current public health crisis.

“Well, this is what I tell people!” she shot back. “This is why — we’re fine — Barack and I are like, ‘What, you can’t go out, just when you want to?’ We’ve been doing that for eight years.”

“Every time we went out”

Further describing her experience as first lady, Obama said that she had full-time personal security and was required to consider how her “movements impact the rest of the world.”

On a practical level, she noted that it required substantial planning and forethought, adding: “Every time we went out, we had to think about it, it’s like, who’s going to have to shut down what gate, how is this going to disrupt this whole community because the presidential motorcade is coming through. We have to worry about agents and not doing something that will put them in harm’s way.”

As a result, she declared herself “good in quarantine,” telling Americans that “this is what it’s been like” during her eight years in the White House.

While it might be obvious to many viewers that comparing life in the White House to being forced to live under government-imposed lockdowns is evidence of how out-of-touch Obama is, this was not her only questionable remark of the week.

In an interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show, she joked that she was “tired” of her husband and needed to get away from him. Not only did it belie the fact that the elite Democrat could likely travel wherever she desired, but her comment also came on the heels of new evidence that domestic violence has surged over the past year as victims have been forced to live in constant close quarters with their abusers.

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16 Responses

  1. Oh the poor Obama’s! My heart grieves for the inconveniences they endured during their tenure in the White House! To be so subjugated like that is horrible! And while we lowly Americans have been so free to come and go anywhere we please, while they suffered under such indignity.

    1. Well, as you know, it takes a tremendous amount of energy and self-sacrifice to wake up trying to decide what new lies to tell each day.

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  3. As she flew around with her Hollywood cronies – spent 1’000’s on trips
    With Hollywood her kids & their friends –
    Milked the American ppl & now owns how many houses
    SICKEST STATEMENT IVE EVER READ – how many deaths did u incur –
    As ppl die they still idols the QUEEN

  4. Whine, whine, poor me….please feel sorry for me.. I need all the attention I can get. Take responsibility for your actions & life. Put your “Big Girl” panties on & grow up!!

  5. Well, there is one primary thing I will say here…..: S/He should have never signed on for the “position.” We didn’t want them there anyway. They never should have ever been placed in that position……….Done & Done…….So sad that they were ever there and that we now have this tainted episode in our Presidential history.

  6. She is a racist, bigot and hates America! No one really cares or even wants to hear what she has to say! Her 8 years in our White House was the worst 8 years that house suffered out of all the presidents that lived there! She and her husband robbed Americans and left our House as billionaires. They didn’t have much when they went in but they stole all they could while being there and came out filthy rich! President Trump never accepted a salary from us, he always put it in a department that needed more money. He loves America and all Americans!! This is unlike obamas, clintons, pelosi, schumer, waters, schiff, msm, blm, antifa, warren, harris rice, obiden, soros, gates, etc!!

  7. We could care less what her or Obama thinks or has to say. Just go away for good You hate America and its people and Americans don t want you here.

  8. Poor little rich girl, lived in the lap of luxury had someone wait on her hand & foot & got to do what she wanted to do & hang with her Hollywood friends. Should have told your husband not to run for President cause all this luxury was to much for you! Now you own many homes etc. & your complaining. Plus even think what you went through isn’t even close to what covid 19 did to so many people who died, lost loved ones, lost jobs, homes & their children had & are having such a hard time coping with being isolated & those who got covid 19 & survived are still having major problems. WOW talk about a self center rich racist. You really have a nerve even comparing what you think you went through to covid 19!

  9. Seriously, all this BS from someone who was wasn’t proud of America UNTIL HER IDIOT HUSBAND GOT IN OFFICE. Who cares what this racist, liberal. elitist hypocrite has to say about anything? NOBODY! Just go with all your 100’S of friends and family on vacation that you must pay for now after the American public did many many many times when you and your old man were in office. SO GLAD YOU ARE OUT!

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