Michelle Obama launching new podcast based on her book 'The Light We Carry'

 February 8, 2023

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is launching a podcast based on her bestselling book The Light We Carry.

The eight-episode series with Audible comes after the Obamas left a podcasting deal with Spotify last year.

The content

The former first lady’s series will feature conversations with guests including Ellen DeGeneres, Tyler Perry, Conan O’Brien, Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King, Hoda Kotb, David Letterman, among others.

“Like so many people around the world, I felt isolated, disconnected and discouraged during the pandemic. Writing The Light We Carry was a way for me to make sense of it and reflect on some of the biggest challenges we all face in life — and the tour was an incredible way to share those stories with my readers and connect with real people once again," Obama said in a statement announcing the venture.

"That’s what Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast is all about — it’s a deeper examination of those fun and meaningful moments, lovingly made by our incredible team at Higher Ground and the fantastic people at Audible,” she added.

The purpose

"Since only a few thousands of people could attend the live events, 'The Light Podcast' is a compilation of conversations had during stops on the book tour, Audible and Higher Ground said in their Wednesday announcement, noting that the new series will additionally include content that listeners have not heard before," CBS News reported.

"'The Light Podcast' premieres March 7 on Audible, and will release eight episodes on a weekly basis. The episodes will be exclusive to Audible for two weeks before becoming available wherever podcasts are found," it added.

The production companies involved continue to build on Obama's enduring popularity with many Americans in the description of the series.

"Listen as Mrs. Obama and her friends explore themes like building meaningful relationships, issues connected to race, gender, and visibility, the habits and principles they have used to successfully adapt to change and overcome obstacles, and the importance of lighting up for others to reveal the richness and potential around us," the companies said in a joint news release.

"As ever, Michelle Obama brings her trademark humor, candor, and compassion while she discusses her tools for living in today's world."

The former first lady has found her voice in a number of media outlets after leaving the White House with her husband and former President Barack Obama.

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