Michelle Obama’s Secret Service driver has been criminally charged

The Washington Examiner reports that a U.S. Secret Service member who is a driver for former first lady Michelle Obama, at Martha’s Vineyard, has landed himself in some legal trouble. 

That Secret Service employee has been identified as 53-year-old Douglas Vines.

Vines is now facing charges of criminal harassment and witness intimidation.

It is alleged that Vines used his association with the Obama family to carry out these activities.

The allegations

The charges stem from Vines’s interactions with a woman that he had been dating. This woman filed a police report with the Oak Bluffs Police Department last month, after she and Vines had been dating for about two months.

The woman told police that Vines went “off the handle” after she refused to have sex with him, according to CBS News. The outlet reports:

The woman said Vines then went “off the handle,” alternating between calling her and shouting at her, and texting her about how she was “messing with the wrong person,” according to the report. The woman said Vines used his position as a driver for the Obama family to intimidate her “while attempting to get her to come back out and have sex with him,” the report says.

Vines, according to CBS, told the woman that he could track her cell phone, read her text messages, and get access to her phone. He also told her that he had her DNA and several nude photographs and videos that he threatened to use against her. And, he even threatened to get her deported from the country.

There are no allegations, however, of physical abuse.

The charges

Vines has been charged with criminal harassment and witness intimidation. He has already been arraigned in the Edgartown District Court, where he has pled not guilty.

So far, the judge has issued an abuse prevention order. He has also ordered Vines to hand over his firearms, gun licenses, and firearms identification cards.

The U.S. Secret Service has put out a statement on the matter, saying, “we have extraordinarily high ethical standards and the allegations are very concerning.” Vines, for the time being, has been placed on administration leave, as part of which all of his clearances and accesses have been suspended.

The Obamas have not released a statement on the matter.