Michigan GOP official resigns because of GOP support for Trump

A top Republican official from Michigan just resigned essentially because other members of his party support former President Donald Trump, the Washington Examiner reports

The Republican official is Tony Daunt. He, for five years, was a member of the Michigan Republican Party’s state committee. As such, he was part of a panel that helped guide the Michigan Republican Party’s decisions.

Daunt tendered his resignation on Tuesday night. It is effective immediately.

Daunt’s letter

Daunt tendered his resignation in an email that he sent to Judy Rapanos, the chairwoman of the Republican Committee of Michigan’s 4th Congressional District.

In the email, Daunt railed against pro-Trump Republicans.

Daunt wrote, “instead of focusing on highlighting the Democrats’ myriad failures – from the Afghanistan debacle, to COVID authoritarianism (which didn’t even succeed at their supposed goal of stopping the virus), to crippling inflation, to the still cratered and crumbling DAMN roads – feckless, cowardly party ‘leaders’ have made the election here in Michigan a test of who is the most cravenly loyal to Donald Trump and relitigating the results of the 2020 cycle.”

Daunt added, “Incredibly, rather than distancing themselves from this undisciplined loser, far too many Republican ‘leaders’ have decided that encouraging his delusional lies — and, even worse — cynically appeasing him despite knowing they are lies, is the easiest path to ensuring their continued hold on power, general election consequences be damned.”

“Rather than assembling the courage to do the right thing at the right time, and guide the activist base towards the truth,” Daunt continued, “they’ve repeatedly backed down and dissembled, hoping that just one more act of cowardice will be what does the trick.”


Daunt’s resignation comes three days after an endorsement convention was held by the Michigan Republican Party.

At this convention, the delegates decided to pick Kristina Karamo to represent Michigan Republicans in the race for the secretary of state position, and they decided to pick Matt DePerno to represent Michigan Republicans in the race for the state’s attorney generalship. Significantly, both Karamo and DePerno have received the endorsement of former President Trump.

This appears to have played a major role in Daunt’s decision to resign.

Whatever the case may be, though, that’s one less anti-Trump “Republican” in Michigan’s Republican Party.

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